Classroom programs pricing structure and discounts

Onsite programs

Programs hosted at any AHS location are $35 each and are between 45 and 60 minutes long. Group capacity depends on location. 

  • Golden Valley: 20-40 attendees
  • Buffalo, Coon Rapids, Woodbury: 15 attendees
  • St. Paul: 12 attendees

Offsite programs

Programs hosted at school or other gathering places are $50 each and require 45 to 60 minutes (Anti-Dogfighting Workshop require 1.5 hours).

Programs can accommodate up to 50 students (with the exception of Furry Tales on the Road), however, programs can be scheduled back-to-back to accommodate larger groups. Additional programs scheduled on the same day are $30 each.

An early bird discount is extended to groups that schedule a classroom program before Oct. 1 for a date within the same school year. Programs scheduled prior to Oct. 1 are $25 each.

Financial assistance is available for schools with high populations of students who qualify for free/reduced price lunch (FRPL). To request this discount, please have your school's FRPL data ready when you contact us to schedule your program. 

  • If 84 percent or less of your school's students utilize FRPL, programs are $35 each.
  • If 85 percent or more of your school's students utilize FRPL, programs are $25 each. 

*Discounts apply for offsite classroom programs only.

Schedule a classroom program

To schedule your classroom program, please contact us at 763-489-2220 or

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