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Additional boarding services

Make your pets stay even more enjoyable!  Pick from our menu of services:  

Outdoor walks for dogs

This is a great way to break up the day for your dog—for both their physical and mental health.  And the area around us at Wirth Park is filled with great scents and sounds.
$8 for 15 minutes
$14 for 30 minutes

20-minute individual playtime

Playtime for any animal! This is one of our most popular services and one our staff loves to give. We provide this one on one playtime in our Training Center space.
$10 per session

Pampered pooch package

A 15 minute walk outdoors, one-on-one with staff, and a peanut-butter filled treat kong to keep your pooch happy!
$10 per day

Nail trimming

Keep your pets paws in top form.
$15 for dogs, cats, and rabbits
$8 for guinea pigs


If your pet is not yet microchipped we can save you a trip to your vet!
$30 (includes microchip registration)


More one-on-one time for your pet with a service they love.

Raised dog bed

Raised beds are a great novelty item and perfect for aging or arthritic pets!
$2 per day; free after seven days

Pet updates via text message

Our staff will send you a brief message to let you know how your pet is doing!
$1 per day; limit one per customer per day

Dog treats

$4 for a treat-filled Kong
$3 for a Frosty Paw frozen treat