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Animal House accommodations

Our staff gets to know each animal’s personality and special needs. Your pet will have 24-hour access to fresh water, will enjoy quiet music and can have either your bedding or ours to lie on and relax. During the warm summer months, we provide air conditioning to help keep your pet comfortable.

We encourage you to bring blankets, towels, or pillowcases from home that are not freshly laundered, so your dog or cat will be reminded of his family and loved ones. We suggest you bring your pet's regular food to avoid an upset tummy from switching new food in a new environment. We charge an additional $3 per day for food provided in house for all animals. There are no additional fees for bringing your pet’s own food or for giving medication.

All pet accommodations are cleaned daily.

For dogs

Our indoor dog runs are 3.5' x 6.5' for a total area of nearly 23 square feet. Dogs will also have access four times per day to outdoor runs. Our kennel runs are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Please bring a few chew toys for your dog or some favorite but replaceable toys. All belongings should be identified. We cannot be responsible for toys and bedding.

For an additional fee, your dog will receive one-on-one walks with a caring staff person who will take your dog outside, away from other dogs for 15 or 30 minutes to walk, stretch his legs and have a good sniff outdoors.

For cats

Cats each have individual "cubbies" that measure approximately 3 1/2' X 2 1/2' X 2 1/2'. Each cubbie has a small condo, room for a litter box, and room to lie down. Cats get out several times a day to run and have fun in our roomy cat play area. The cat play area features a six foot high "cat tree" to play on.

Also available is a "cat suite," ideal for homes with multiple cats, up to four total. The cat suite is a large space, complete with two five-foot cat trees, two litters boxes, and a window! This spacious area can be reserved for a solo cat, at a price of $46 per day.

For exotic and small animals

You can bring in your pet's housing, or we can provide it for them.

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