Accommodations and boarding fees

Animal House boarding

Staff at Animal House spend time with each pet to learn about their unique personality and special needs. Our animal guests have 24-hour access to fresh water, enjoy quiet music, and relax on either your own personal bedding or ours.

All pet accommodations are temperature-controlled and cleaned multiple times per day. Plus, you can add additional boarding services to your pet's stay, including regular updates via text message.

For dogs

Our indoor dog runs are 3.5' x 6.5' for a total area of nearly 23 square feet. Dogs also have access  to outdoor runs four times per day. Our kennel runs are cleaned and sanitized daily.

For an additional fee, your dog can receive a 15- to 30-minute walk with a caring staff person, providing the opportunity to stretch outdoors and have a good sniff outside.


  • Dog: $32 per day
  • Dog day care: $18 per day

You must pick up your pet by 11 a.m. to avoid being charged an additional day’s boarding fees.

For cats

Cats have individual "cubbies" that measure approximately 3.5' x 2.5' x 2.5' and include a small condo, a litter box, and room to lie down. Cats also can run and have fun in our roomy cat play area, which includes a six-foot-high cat tree.

A cat suite is available for homes with multiple cats (up to four). The cat suite is a large space, complete with two five-foot cat trees, two litter boxes, and a window! This spacious area also can be reserved for a solo cat.


  • Cat cubby: $22 per day
  • Cat suite: $26 per cat per day (2-4 cats); $52 for 1 cat per day

You must pick up your pet by 11 a.m. to avoid being charged an additional day’s boarding fees.

For exotic and small animals

You can bring in your pet's housing, or we can provide it for them.


  • Rabbit, Ferret, Guinea pig: $16 per day
  • Other pets: Rates upon request

You must pick up your pet by 11 a.m. to avoid being charged an additional day’s boarding fees.

Multiple pet discount

When you board more than one pet at a time, you'll receive 10 percent off the boarding rates.

Additional boarding services

We also provide updates via text message, enrichment activities, extra dog treats and other boarding services to make Animal House feel like home away from home.

Health and safety

At Animal House, keeping your pets safe and healthy is our highest priority.

For the health and safety of all the pets in our care, you must provide proof of the following vaccinations before your pet arrives at Animal House:

  • Dogs require current Distemper/Parvo combo, Bordatella, and Rabies.
  • Cats require PRC and Rabies.
  • Ferrets require Rabies.

Medical emergencies

We have the highest concern for the health of your pet. If your pet has a serious medical emergency, we'll transport your pet to your regular veterinarian during business hours or to the nearby emergency veterinary services clinic after business hours. (The clinic is less than five minutes away on Olson Memorial Highway/Highway 55.)

Request a reservation

For caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns.

Contact the Pet Helpline