Therapy Dog Prep classes

In response to COVID-19, AHS is working to safely resume services in phases. Currently, therapy dog prep classes remain temporarily suspended.

Private training sessions and group obedience courses are available both online and in-person with enhanced safety protocols, while specialty classes and workshops and Reactive Rover training have resumed in-person sessions. 

If you're currently enrolled in a training program at AHS and have questions or want to resume your pass, please call 763-489-2217.

A note on service and emotional support dogs

Please note that Animal Humane Society doesn't offer service dog or emotional support animal training or resources.

Service dogs are uniquely trained dogs that help their disabled owner with specific tasks. For more information on service dogs, please contact Can-do Canines, Helping Paws, or Assistance Dogs International for more information on service dogs.

Emotional support dogs provide emotional or therapeutic support for their owner, but do not qualify as service dogs. Please speak with your healthcare provider to learn more about emotional support animals.

What is a therapy dog?

Dogs who work with a handler to provide affection and comfort to members of the public are called therapy dogs. Examples include helping children to read at libraries or schools, visiting hospital patients, and visiting nursing home residents. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs have no special rights and must obtain permission to enter public places.

Therapy Dog Prep class

Our Therapy Dog Prep class covers common animal-assisted therapy scenarios and will set you and your dog up for success in a public setting. We also review obedience skills, work through desensitization exercises, and provide opportunities to shadow active therapy dog teams in the community.

Prerequisite: Canine Good Citizen certified within past year and attend a free Therapy Dog Preview to learn more about class content, upcoming class dates, and more.
Fee: $160 per eight-week course
Date/time: Tuesdays, 6:45 p.m.
Location: Golden Valley shelter

To register for an upcoming Therapy Dog Preview, call 763-489-2217 or send us a message.


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