Behavior and training class descriptions

A yellow lab attends a training class at AHS

Animal Humane Society’s behavior and training classes are flexible and pet-oriented. Our experienced, professional trainers will teach you real-life skills you can use with your pet. 

Each week, we offer more than 100 classes in Golden Valley, Woodbury, and our St. Paul location on University Avenue, and also provide private sessions with our trainers. 

Families who have recently adopted from AHS are extended a new adopter discount. Please review the information packet you received at the time of adoption for your discount code. 

Private training sessions

One-on-one training sessions with our trainers are available both in-person and online. The cost is $50 for a 30-minute session. Please complete this online form to request a session and help us better address your concerns.

Puppy Kindergarten and playgroups

In Puppy Kindergarten, we focus on developing confidence in new situations. If you'd like your puppy to gain exposure to other puppies off leash, you can attend our puppy playgroups. 

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Obedience courses, Levels 1-5

Obedience courses will give you practical skills for training your dog to be a well-mannered member of your household. Classes are now available both in-person and online.

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Specialty classes and workshops

Specialty classes include training for more specific skills, like scent detection, therapy work, and Canine Good Citizen tests. Workshops focusing on exercising your dog's brain, not jumping up, and more are also available. 

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Current training school students

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