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Staffordshire bulldog
Pitbull mix
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She is very sweet, she loves all people and animals alike... Her love and excitement of meeting new friends unfortunately led to her absence from our family over the holidays as she saw another dog running with its human and she just couldnt resist the urge to run down the street after them and make a new friend... She turned the corner a few blocks down and by the time any of us made it to where she turned... She was no where to be found. She is not aggressive but probably very scared, sad and confused about where she is and why her family isn't with her... We live in Indiana and were in MN on vacation when she got away... So everything is unfamiliar and frightening I'm sure. With heavy hearts and a very real, near and dear part of our family missing and absent... With life and responsibilities waiting back home that couldn't be put off any longer, we had no choice but to pack up and make the journey back home without our sweet journey girl... We have family and friends in MN whom are ready and eagerly waiting to rush over and rescue her from who/where ever she is as soon as possible... We just want our girl home!

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Reported by Bree