Tater in River Falls WI

This lost pet report was posted by a community member or partner organization. If you find this animal, please reach out to them directly using the contact information provided below.

Lost pet details

Animal breed
Date pet went missing
City in which pet was lost
River Falls about 1 am
Animal Type
Animal color
Gray, white with some brown on his belly and slightly on his chest
Spayed or Neutered?
Animal age
Animal eye color
Any information that would be helpful for the person finding your pet to know?
715-220-6211 call Ash Jo Christensen if you have him, any sightings, or know where he is at. He is very friendly but maybe a little scared after escaping from the fire that destroyed our house. We miss him and need him home. you went missing about 1 a. M. On January 27th that's when the fire broke out

Please call Ash Jo Christensen at 715-220-6211 if you have him have seen him or know where he is at. Will you miss him horribly.
Very friendly maybe scared timid because the cat was lost and got out during a house fire they have confirmed that the cat was not in the apartment and did survive their happened paw prints in the area but not for like a week 2 a week and a half there hasn't been any.

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Reported by Linda