Animal Transport Alliance

Animal Transport Alliance Truck

Animal Humane Society (AHS), Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society, and the Wisconsin Humane Society joined together in September 2016 to form the Animal Transport Alliance, a partnership that works to transport dogs from the southern United States to shelters in Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The goal of this alliance is not just to move dogs, but to create a network of animal rescue mentorship and collaboration among source and destination shelters as well.

A generous donation from AHS supporters Richard and Susan Goldman funded the group’s first vehicle, a climate-controlled truck that can comfortably transport up to 40 kennels between shelters up to 12 hours away. Its inaugural trip in September 2016 brought 33 dogs to AHS from a partner shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In its first year, the Animal Transport Alliance vehicle traveled more than 107,000 miles.

We're excited to announce the arrival of a new, 36-foot, climate-controlled truck which will accommodate twice as many animals as the smaller truck. For every animal we transport, another is able to find space and care in a southern shelter, which may have been too crowded otherwise. We also support animals that need specialized care like orthopedic surgery or heartworm treatment. 

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