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Spayed Female

3.1 years old

5 pounds

ID #: 31990662

Adoption Fee: $ 58.00*

Location: St. Paul

Mon–Fri: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
Sat–Sun: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Hi! My name is JoJo.

My caretaker had too many animals to adequately care for me, so I came to Animal Humane Society to find a new home.

I am an Eager Explorer! Eager Explorers love to explore new surroundings. They love most toys and need a variety of them to prevent boredom. Their inquisitive nature can lead them into mischief, so bunnyproofing needs to be done in the home. They adapt well and can tolerate changes in routine. They usually enjoy the company of other pets in the home. Most Eager Explorers enjoy human company but can happily entertain themselves alone. They are best suited to a home with adults only or kids over 8 years old. They are excellent candidates for agility class, but are a bit too energetic for the role of therapy animal.


Hi, I’m JoJo! If you’ve ever experienced being picked last at a team draft or a dance, you know how I feel. For some reason, prospective adopters have passed me by without getting to know me and what a great pet I could be if given a chance. The staff and volunteers know how special I am and hope that you consider me when you’re looking for a new pet. Some activities I enjoy is exploring my surrounding and eating healthy vegetables!

Date surrendered:2017-02-26 18:09:13
Lived with children: No
Lived with animals:Yes (Dogs)