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Neutered Male

4.9 years old

11 pounds

ID #: 20538320

Adoption Fee: $ 58.00*

Location: Woodbury

Mon–Fri: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
Sat–Sun: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Hi! My name is Bubba.

Additional Information

I required more time and attention than my caretaker could provide, so I came to Animal Humane Society to find a new home.

Bubba is a Quiet Character! Quiet Characters can become stressed by changes in environment and routine. Often quite shy, they need time to warm up to you. They prefer a calm, quiet home where they feel safe and can relax. They can be very affectionate in time, but they prefer attention on their own terms. They often feel safer with a companion of their own species. Most Quiet Characters rarely get into mischief and are hesitant to explore far from their safe area. Most find toys enjoyable, and especially like boxes or objects they can hide in or behind if something frightens them. They can be a bit stubborn, being set in their ways. They are not the best candidate for agility class nor for the role of therapy animal due to their timid nature. They are best suited to homes with adults only or children over 8 years old.

Date surrendered:2017-06-01 13:38:59
Time in former home:4 Years
Lived with children: No
Lived with animals:Yes (Cats)