Animal Humane Society position on open admission and euthanasia

Animal Humane Society believes in an open admission philosophy where every animal is accepted regardless of health, age, breed or temperament. Open admission is essential to providing shelter and care to animals that would otherwise have no safe refuge.

Programs that are proactive and focus on surrender prevention are best suited to addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the companion animals that animal welfare serves. The animal welfare field must balance doing the greatest good to help the greatest number of animals with the ability to look at animals individually to deliver needed services. In balancing the welfare of animals with our responsibility to the public, we recognize that not all animals are suitable for placement. When the difficult decision is made to end an animal’s life, compassionate euthanasia by injection is the humane and dignified method.

Animal Humane Society believes there is a place for a variety of philosophies that address the needs of people and animals. Mutual respect of and collaboration between agencies implementing limited admission and open admission philosophies is essential.