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Dog Breeds
Puppy in dog habitat
How breed is determined at AHS and other animal shelters

We often hear from adopters that results from their pet's DNA test revealed something surprising and often different than the breed they thought they adopted. How could this happen at AHS? After all, we’re the animal experts. The answer may surprise you.

Animal Tranpsort
Lee-lah came to AHS on a transport from the south.
Why Animal Humane Society transports and treats heartworm positive dogs

Heartworm disease is often misunderstood and easy to prevent. Animal Humane Society is one of the only  shelters with the expertise, resources, and willingness to take in dogs that test positive for heartworm. By treating it in Southern dogs, we can save more lives.

AHS Jobs
Furry Tales
Six jobs you never knew existed at Animal Humane Society

Did you know Animal Humane Society employs more than 300 passionate animal lovers? Placing cute dogs, cats, and critters with new families and just one of the many things we do for animals in our care and pet owners in our community. Read about six jobs at AHS that might surprise you.

Community Outreach
Providing free healthcare for pets

Serving Frogtown and East St. Paul residents, Animal Humane Society's Community Outreach program aims to connect pet owners with the resources and education they need to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Learn more about how the Community Outreach program is keeping pets and their owners together. 

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Expert advice
Call our Pet Helpline: 952-435-7738

Caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns.

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