National Train Your Dog Month

Brush up on your dog's training or learn new skills in our dog and puppy training classes. 

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AHS Staff holding cat for children to pet.
How to raise your child to be an animal lover

Raising your child to be an animal lover is about more than teaching compassion towards our furry friends. Kids who learn to be caring towards animals also learn important skills they can carry with them into adulthood, like empathy, self-confidence, and leadership.

As an animal-loving parent, how can you help foster this same love for animals in your children? Here are a few ways to show your kids just how wonderful animals are.

Dog in the snow
Protect your dog's paws from winter weather

From increased risk of frostbite to dry, cracked paw pads, the snow and ice can take a toll on your dog’s paws during the winter. Not only can the elements be dangerous, but sidewalk salt and chemicals can also burn your dog’s paws or upset their stomach if ingested.

Learn how to protect your dog’s paws from the winter weather and keep them safe on your next walk.

A dog in a training class at Animal Humane Society
Why dog training is important – for both you and your dog

Have you ever wondered if dog training is worth it? It can be a big time commitment and it takes plenty of patience, but whether you and your dog are new to training or you already know a few tips and tricks, training can be a huge benefit for dogs of all ages!

In honor of January’s National Train Your Dog Month, let’s look at some of the benefits of working with a dog trainer.

Bring out the best in your best friend

January is National Train Your Dog Month, and what better time to start your training journey with your dog than in the new year? 

Training classes at Animal Humane Society are taught by expert trainers to empower you and your dog to thrive in real-world situations. From Puppy Playgroups to specialty workshops, we offer a little something for every pup. If your furry friend needs specialized attention to work through challenges, we even offer private training.

Watch this video for an introduction to the Training Program at AHS, or learn more about the training classes we offer

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