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Two cats with a custom pair of socks
Your two feet can help our four-legged friends

Create a custom pair of socks and a portion of proceeds will benefit AHS! Whether you choose to adorn your socks with a photo of your pet, child, or partner, you'll feel good knowing your purchase helps animals in need. Plus, they make a great gift for the animal lover in your life.

two rabbits being held
Which small pet is right for your family?

Thinking about bringing a critter into your family? While these smaller animals can seem like an easier commitment than a dog or a cat, they still require proper care and enrichment. Check out our breakdown of the care needs of rabbits, guinea pigs, and other critters, as well as considerations to make before you adopt.

Dog barking
Reactivity and aggression in dogs

Is your dog struggling with barking, lunging, or otherwise mouthy behaviors? Reactivity and aggression in dogs are both situational behaviors that depend on your dog's personality and unique triggers. Let's dive into what these behaviors look like and what you can do to help your reactive dog.

Does your dog need additional enrichment?

Do you find your dog needing extra mental stimulation throughout the day? As the days get shorter and colder, your dog will need more indoor enrichment to keep them happy and healthy. Enrichment activities can help improve your pet’s life and help prevent behavior problems.

In this video, one of our expert trainers provides you with activities and easy DIY toy ideas that enrich your dog’s life.

For more tips, check out our Ask a Trainer series.

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