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Registration for The Walk for Animals 2024 is now open! 

On Saturday, May 4, join thousands of animal lovers and their pets to make more second chances possible for animals in need — one step at a time.

Walk for Animals is back at our new home, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, to bring you and your pets even more fun, food, and chances to make a difference. Register today to start changing animals' lives.

A Legacy Circle member at Animal Humane Society outside with a gray dog
Welcoming a pet in your golden years

Pets can be a great source of joy and companionship, no matter how old you are. Studies have shown that particularly as we age, pets can provide important social support that reduces loneliness and improves quality of life. 

If you’re wondering if a pet is right for you in your golden years, here are some factors to consider. 

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Keep your pet protected with a heartworm preventative

One of the easiest ways to keep your pet healthy and protected from a deadly disease is to give them a heartworm preventative year-round. 

Heartworm can be fatal to dogs, cats, and ferrets — and treatment isn’t easy. Thankfully, it’s 100 percent preventable. Learn more about Heartworm Infection and how you can keep your pet protected. 

Register for Walk for Animals 2024!

Join us on Saturday, May 4 at the MN State Fairgrounds for our biggest fundraiser of the year — Walk for Animals! When you walk for animals, every step is a second chance.

Help us reach our fundraising goal to give more animals the second chances they deserve, all while having tons of fun at the best animal get-together in town.

Register and start fundraising today to change animals’ lives.

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