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Nuisance woodpeckers

If you have woodpeckers that are pecking on your house, one of several problems could be present. First, check carefully for insect infestation in the area in which the woodpeckers are pecking. Many home owners think they have a woodpecker problem when they really have a “bug” or a carpenter ant problem. If you rule out a major insect problem, then the woodpecker is probably doing something called “drumming.” This is the way woodpeckers communicate and announce their territory. Unfortunately, if not frightened off, the woodpecker can eventually damage your house.

If the woodpecker is drumming in one specific spot, try inflating a couple of balloons, tying them on a string and hanging them from the gutters or siding near where the woodpecker is drumming. Windsocks, flags or strips of aluminum foil dangling in the wind all work well. Keep these items in place for several days and the woodpecker should get the message to go do his drumming elsewhere.

Another trick is to spray a solution of 2 tbs. white vinegar with 1 qt. water into the holes and around the area they frequent.