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Nuisance ducks and geese

The most common problem with geese is that they are there — and their droppings are there too! If you are having a serious problem with geese or ducks in your yard, there are several things you can do to discourage them.

If the geese or ducks are eating spillage from an existing feeder, the solution is simple, take down the feeder, clean up the area, and put up a windsock, flag, or metallic streamers that provide lots of random motion in the area. If the food source is removed, or you use a catch tray under the feeder, their desire to congregate in your yard will be decreased.

If you live near a pond or lake, the problem is more complex, one of the best ways to keep waterfowl out of your yard is to block access to and from the water with a low hedge row. Check with your local nursery for plant suggestions. Low hedges can be kept short enough to maintain the view of the pond or lake you enjoy, but will discourage waterfowl from coming into your yard. Lastly, don’t let the geese or ducks get comfortable in your yard and make a habit of visiting you. Never feed them. If they do land in your yard, run out into your yard making noise with pots and pans or verbal yells. The birds may hiss, but they will fly away quickly when they feel threatened.

Animal Humane Society's Golden Valley facility provides care for all wild animals except skunks. We will provide phone advice for skunk situations. Please bring your wild animal directly to the Golden Valley location. If you need further advice or assistance you may call the Wildlife Exam at (763) 489-2223.