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Deer deterrents

Listed below are a variety of non-toxic methods that will assist with deterring deer. Any solution that is applied or sprayed on an area will need to be reapplied after rain. These recipes should also not be used on plants used for human consumption as they will affect the taste, hence why they deter the deer!

Fish based deterrent
3 tbs. finely ground kelp
1 c. fish emulsion
3 tbs. Ivory™

Mix the above together and add enough water to make spraying easy. Apply directly to plants and trees.

Blood based deterrent
1 tbs. dried blood (garden stores)
4 cloves powdered garlic
2 gal. cool water
Mix ingredients into water and spray onto desired areas. Use sparingly as this recipe may burn plants due to its high nitrogen content.

Pepper based deterrent
1 tbs. cayenne pepper
3 tbs. kelp
3 tbs. liquid hand soap
½ tsp. oil of peppermint (not peppermint extract)
1 pt. warm water
Mix ingredients together and spray onto desired areas.

Plants that naturally deter deer:

  • Rotunda Chinese holly
  • Foxglove
  • Mexican oregano
  • Mint
  • Wormwood
  • Spearmint
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Madagascar periwinkle
  • Artemisias
  • Variety of thorny bushes