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Volunteer roles

Volunteers serve Animal Humane Society in important roles at our shelters, in the community, and in their own homes. Find an opportunity that's right for you!

Volunteering in our shelters

Adoption Preparation

Volunteers working in adoption preparation use specific behavior modification protocols to help prepare shy and fearful animals for the adoption floor and help them ultimately find a new home. This is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service.

Adoption Support

Volunteers working in adoption support provide two important roles in helping to fulfill our mission. The first is customer assistance on the adoption floor, answering questions from visitors and facilitating visitations. The second is animal socialization that helps keep our animals happy, healthy and adoptable. Check for current availability.

Animal Bather

Volunteers help groom and bathe animals available for adoption (primarily dogs) to help keep them healthy and in good appearance for potential adopters. This is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service.

Animal Care Assistant

Volunteers working in animal care help fulfill the mission by providing animals with clean, comfortable housing that leads to healthier happier and ultimately more adoptable animals. This is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service.

Chip and Nail Clinic Assistant

Volunteers help with our twice a month chip and nail clinics by checking customers in and gathering their and their pets’ information and helping our vet services department during chipping and nail trims. Check for current availability.

Dog Walker

Volunteers provide dogs waiting for adoption with needed exercise and socialization. Volunteers walk dogs in designated areas on AHS property only. Check for current availability.

Education Programs Support

Volunteers working in this role assist with PetSet Youth Club or our Unleashed Express Mini Camps, two programs we offer to youth in our community. PetSet and Unleashed are both led by AHS humane educators and volunteers lend their time and experience to help ensure great experiences for youth. Volunteers assist educators by making sure that activities run smoothly and that the kids get the instructional attention they need. There are also opportunities for volunteers to get more involved by developing curriculum and planning and preparing fun and educational activities. Check for current availability.

Exam Assistant

Volunteers working in the exam department provide support to the veterinarians and veterinary technicians during the animals’ exam process and help provide treatment to the animals in our care. Check for current availability.

Rabbit Pawfiler

Volunteers evaluate the personalities of rabbits waiting for adoption based on their behavior and interactions with their environment and the volunteer. This information helps potential customers make informed decisions when adopting a rabbit. No prior rabbit experience necessary. This is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service.

Surgery Suite Assistant

Volunteers working in the surgery department provide support to the Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians in order to efficiently spay/neuter the thousands of animals who are surrendered to the Animal Humane Society each year. This is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service.

Training Support

One of the ways in which Animal Humane Society engages the community to help the animals is by providing training and behavior programming. These programs create well-behaved and manageable pets, which are more likely to stay in their current homes and less likely to end up in the shelter system. Through this work, volunteers play a pivotal support role in keeping animals in their homes. This role requires a weekly commitment. No experience necessary. Check for current availability.

Treatment Assistant

Volunteers work with our vet services staff to help administer morning medication to animals. Check for current availability.

Wildlife Exam

Volunteers working in the Wildlife Exam Room provide support to the Veterinary Technicians giving injured wildlife the care and treatment they need to recover from a wide range of maladies. This is an advanced volunteer role open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service.

Wildlife Transport

Volunteers working as Wildlife Transporters use their own vehicles to provide needed transportation to injured, orphaned and ill wildlife as they move to a rehabilitation and/or rescue facility to receive the care and treatment they need. This is a seasonal position, typically from March to November. Volunteer shifts are in the evening only, 7 days a week. Check for current availability.

Volunteering in the community

Animal Airport Ambassadors

Animal Airport Ambassadors provide comfort and stress relief to travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. The volunteer dogs wear vests with the ambassadors logo, and their human companions encourage travelers to pause and say hello to the animals. Learn more.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Volunteers will work with AHS to create a greater presence in three target communities identified as being under-engaged: Frogtown, East St. Paul, and North Minneapolis. Volunteers will work to develop a community presence and to build trust with residents and community leaders. Outreach Volunteers’ duties can be tailored to an individual’s strengths and interests; however most volunteers will primarily help out with tabling at community events and door knocking in neighborhoods. Check for current availability.

Kindest Cut

Volunteers with Kindest Cut assist with client interactions and surgical materials preparation for low cost spay and neuter services. Kindest Cut travels frequently and needs volunteers in many areas of the state. In the past, Kindest Cut has been to Apple Valley, Bloomington, Buffalo, Burnsville, Coon Rapids, Crystal, Golden Valley, Inver Grove Heights, Leech Lake, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Oakdale, Owatonna, Roseville, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, Woodbury and Wyoming. Apply here.

Volunteering to foster animals in your home

Foster volunteers

Foster volunteers provide care for animals that are not yet ready for adoption. We have a variety of animals that need foster care including animals too young for adoption, nursing moms, animals needing supportive health care or time to recover after surgery and temporary placements for owners in transition. Learn more.

Volunteering at special events

Walk for Animals

Animal Humane Society holds fundraising events to help support our operations. The biggest event, the Walk for Animals, requires the involvement of hundreds of new event volunteers. Learn more.

We staff other events from our regular volunteer pool.

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