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Current volunteer opportunities in Buffalo


Want to know what you can do to help animals at our Buffalo shelter? All of these roles are entry level. No experience required! Below the role listings is a link to our online application for our Buffalo shelter.

Adoption Counselor: Volunteers working as Adoption Counselors provide two important roles in helping to fulfill our mission. The first is customer assistance on the adoption floor, helping connect animals in our care to their new homes. In this part of the role, volunteers work with the dogs, cats and small mammals. The second is animal socialization that helps keep our animals happy, healthy and adoptable. Currently, volunteers are needed on Saturday (all shifts) and Tuesday (evening).

Dog Walker: Volunteers provide dogs with needed exercise and socialization. Currently, volunteers are needed, Tuesdays (all shifts) Monday and Friday (evening).

Surgical Assistant: Volunteers working in the Surgery Department provide support to the Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians in order to efficiently Spay/Neuter the thousands of animals who are surrendered to the Animal Humane Society each year.

Animal Bather: Volunteers help groom and bathe animals available for adoption (primarily dogs) to help keep them healthy and in good appearance for potential adopters. This is an add-on role for current volunteers on an as needed basis.

Rabbit Pawfiler: Volunteers evaluate the personalities of rabbits waiting for adoption based on their behavior and interactions with their environment and the volunteer. This information helps potential customers make informed decisions when adopting a rabbit.  No prior rabbit experience necessary. This is an add-on role for current volunteers looking for ways to be more involved.