Animal Airport Ambassadors

Animal Airport Ambassadors provide comfort and stress relief to travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. The volunteer dogs wear vests with the ambassadors logo, and their human companions encourage travelers to pause and say hello to the animals.

Joining the Animal Airport Ambassadors

To become an Animal Airport Ambassador, you must complete the following steps (Minnesota residents only):

  • Apply to become a volunteer. Because Animal Airport Ambassadors are Animal Humane Society volunteers, therapy owner-pet teams interested in joining the group must complete an application process and be approved as Animal Humane Society volunteers.  Apply here.
  • Train for therapy work. Dogs must have their Canine Good Citizen certificate and complete a Therapy Dog training program
  • Become a registered therapy team. Upon completing the appropriate training program, teams must pass an evaluation exam and become registered with the Pet Partners.  Registration demonstrates that you have the necessary handling and visiting skills for therapy work, and that your pet has the training and temperament to be safe and comfortable in a therapy visiting environment.  Registration also provides you with liability insurance coverage in case of an incident during a visit.
  • Agree to be an active Mmember of the Animal Airport Ambassadors. Members must also commit to visiting the airport at least once in every 30 day period.

To learn more about animal-assisted therapy, join us for an upcoming Intro to Therapy Animals Class. You'll learn what makes a good therapy animal, what kind of training is required to get started, and what you can do with your therapy skills once you've become a registered animal therapy team.  This one-hour program is free, but registration is required.  (Humans only, please; pets should stay at home.) 

For more information, call 763-489-2217 or  contact the Training school online. Upcoming class dates can also be found on the Therapy Animal page