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Ten things our cats wish we knew about litter boxes

  1. We don’t like stinky toilets any more than you do.
  2. We have to walk around in our toilet. 
  3. We like it cleaned every day.  Scratch that…we need it to be cleaned every day. (Imagine what would happen if your toilet only flushed once a week!)
  4. Three litter boxes in a row look like one big box to us.
  5. Dogs like to eat our poop.
  6. Being disturbed by dogs is scary.  (What if Freddie Krueger barged in while you were in the bathroom?  How likely would you be to come back there?)
  7. Being disturbed by angry kitty roommates is scary.  Sometimes we have to find somewhere else to pee if they’re already in the box.
  8. Being punished is scary.
  9. Punishing us doesn’t make the box any cleaner.
  10. Please clean our box.