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Private training sessions

We've all been there. No matter how many pets we've raised or how many classes we've taken, sometimes we need a little extra help. That's what our experienced, full-time trainers are here for! Come and meet with us at our Golden Valley or Woodbury location about any of the following concerns:

  • Post-adoption support
  • Managing a multi-pet household
  • Fitting and learning to use a Gentle Leader
  • Housetraining
  • Adolescent dog behaviors (play-biting, hyperactivity, jumping up, etc.)
  • Shy/fearful behavior
  • Puppy biting
  • Dog reactivity
  • Crate training
  • Getting ready for a new baby
  • Fun tricks and games
  • Loose leash walking
  • Coming when called

Just want to work on obedience skills but don't want to take a group class? No problem: general obedience training is available as an alternative to group classes. Students already participating in our training classes who would like help with specific skills are also welcome!

The following topics are NOT addressed in our private sessions:

  • Dog-to-human aggression
  • Bites to humans or dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Service dog training

For help with these concerns, contact us for referrals to local behavior professionals. 

Our rates are $40 for a 30-minute session and $75 for a 60-minute session.  To schedule a session, please fill out our Private Session Request Form.