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Last August, I adopted a kitten who I named Rico, formerly “Oscar,” from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. At home I had another cat, Javi, who was rescued by a family member, near starvation, from a campground in northern Minnesota. Each day that I left for work, Javi would seem sad and I could hear him “meow” as I walked out the door. I decided that Javi needed a friend. He was always very welcoming and intrigued by other cats, so I didn’t see bringing another furry friend into my home to be an issue. I decided to adopt from the Animal Humane Society.

I made a couple of trips to the Golden Valley location before I found the perfect fit. It broke my heart to pass all of the other cats without choosing them, but I knew I needed to find the just the right one to bring home. On my second visit to the Humane Society I was visiting with a cat, when behind me, I heard a curious “meow.” I turned and saw the cutest orange tabby. He was so playful and purred constantly, so I instantly fell for him. After playing with him through the cage I eventually noticed that he had a deformed hind leg. I asked the staff to have some time with him in one of the visiting rooms and that's where I knew that he was the kitten I wanted to take home.

Rico has truly been a joy, and sometimes a challenge, to have at home. He is very loving, playful, and has been a wonderful cuddle buddy and play friend for Javi. He craves attention, loves to “talk,” and is so cute no one can deny him. Rico gets around really well with only his three functional limbs, but in the next few months, amputation may be best for Rico. As he has continued to grow, so has his leg and it has become more of a hindrance than a help. In the meantime he loves to climb up furniture and his scratching post, sneak attack Javi, and loves to play with toy mice and feathers.

There have been a few trials and tribulations with Rico. He developed some potty issues, but with some special attention and redirection he seems to have overcome them. All in all, Rico is a great brother for Javi and a wonderful purring alarm clock for me. He really is a special boy and I’m happy to have him in my home.

Kelsey N.

*Update: In February, 2011, Rico's non-functional leg was amputated due to an open wound that wouldn't heal. Kelsey reports that he is now happier then ever and has completely overcome his potty problems. "It is really rewarding knowing that I gave him a chance and was able to give him the medical treatment that he needed, even if it meant readjusting my budget in order to make it happen," says Kelsey. "He has been a wonderful addition to my home and I couldn't imagine life without him!"

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