All Animal Humane Society locations are closed today, Sunday, April 20, for the Easter holiday.

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Thursday, October 14 started like any other day would. Off to work and then to Woodbury to meet my husband for lunch. I was almost there when he called and told me that he would be late. I drove around for something to pass the time and came across the Woodbury Animal Humane society. I pulled into the parking lot and saw two adorable black lab puppies being taken on a walk. I walked inside and took a tour, first the rabbits, then the cats, and then the dogs. I looked at my watch and saw it was time to meet my husband. At the door, the two labs came running. Oh how cute they were. I asked if they were up for adoption and the lady said that they were. Was it fate? I fell in love. I left to go pick up my husband at work and drove him right back to see the new love of my life (besides him of course).  He met her and I could tell that his heart just melted. He did the reasonable thing and dragged me out and said we could talk about it over lunch. We did... and then came back to get Lucky. She was lucky to get a new home and we were just as lucky to have her as a part of our family. Now I am banned from just "dropping in" to look at the Animal Humane Society but it was well worth it!

Amanda S.

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