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My son and I decided we wanted a cat and my mom suggested the Animal Humane Society. I went to the website and found a few cats that I thought we would like. One cat really caught our eye when we went for a visit. His name was Joey. He had been seized because of cruely and neglect.  

I was a little hesitant because of the situation but we decided to spend some time with him in one of the adoption rooms. He wasn't jumpy or mean like I thought he might be. He was quiet and didn't hiss or give us any indication he had come from a bad home. We decided to adopt him. 

I have to say that we are very lucky! He is gentle and good with my 6-year-old son. He is playful and follows my 15-year-old Autistic son everywhere! They have some sort of a connection which is wonderful. He has made all of us extremely happy and we have had him for less than 2 weeks.

I grew up with cats but this is the first pet for my sons. One night my son was crying (he was crying because of a sad part in a movie) and Joey came to him. He is now convinced that Joey saved him from crying and that Joey is his hero! We will make sure he gets lots of love and we will have him for years to come!

Amy S.

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