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My name is Izzy and I was adopted from Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley on February 13, 2000. I was about one year old when I came to live with my mom and the others - Peanut the cat (now 12) Barney (lab/newf, died at age 10), Corey (silky terrier, died at age 16). At Animal Humane Society I was absolutely terrified by the experience at first, but the staff worked with me and I was granted the chance to find my forever home.

Boy did I hit the jackpot when I found my mom! The family that turned me in to AHS said I didn’t like riding in the car, I didn’t like baths or being brushed, was afraid to be picked up, was territorial over my food and couldn’t be housebroken. Guess what? Mom says I left all those bad things behind when I was adopted. Now I love to give all the humans I meet lots of kisses. I’m still not happy about being picked up, but I will gladly come into your lap to give you kisses and get petted. Going to the nursing home to visit Grandma was always a great time for giving (and receiving) lots of love. Over the years new animals have come to live with mom and I and everyone gets along fine. A couple of them are also from Animal Humane Society!

Mom always has and still does give me (and the others) a wonderful home. Even though I’m getting old now and my heart doesn’t work very well anymore and my trachea collapses (I’m on meds for both issues), the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches I share with mom twice a day are great! My back legs may keep me from jumping up on the sofa and bed, but that doesn’t keep me from my share of the petting. She spoils me all the time with special food and exclusive rights to the front seat when we go for a ride in the truck; and if I so much as sneeze wrong she takes me to see the vet.

In the summer, sometimes I still join the others on “dock patrol” to chase away any ducks, geese or herons that come near our dock or shore. I still look like a puppy with my beautiful face and lovely coat, but I am nearly 13 years old now and a lady of leisure so sometimes I just supervise the others from the vantage point of the deck as they run dock patrol now. 

Thank you AHS for giving me a second chance when others didn’t think I was a good fit for being adopted. I’m here to say that after all these years I’m still living the dream life of every dog and cat!


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