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Our cat Velvet was nearing the end of his time and had always lived with other cats but they had passed away. Last summer I was trying to convince my mother that we needed a friend for him. At about this time I was also preparing to apply to volunteer at Animal Humane Society and was visiting the different locations. While looking at the cats I stumbled upon an adorable gray-coated, green-eyed cat. I looked at his cage card to see the reason for surrender was "too vocal." My family and I love talkative kitties! I read the reason out loud in a bit of an upset tone and the cat (now named Ben) looked over his shoulder at me and meowed as if to say, "I know right?"

I rushed home and told my mother about him but she insisted we wait for awhile before getting a cat. About a week and a half to two weeks passed and my mom was hosting some friends. When she got up and left the room I showed the guest Ben's photo, but my mom came back too quick and saw him. Needless to say the next morning we were out at Golden Valley to adopt him! I couldn't believe he was still there for us, I figured it was just meant to be! Velvet and Ben got along great, after the first week, and Ben helped keep Velvet active and happy in his final months.

After the passing of Velvet, Ben seemed very sad so we wanted to get him another friend. We were ideally looking for a male, over a year, and declawed. But instead my mother and brother fell in love with a very small kitten who we later named Charlie. While they were playing with a kitten, I took a very special interest in a scared cat who was hiding in his litter box.

We left that day with a little girl who we named Charlie and the scaredy cat, who after a lot of changes, is now named Nelly Myth Newton. All three of our cats are gray with green eyes and are all amazing! Ben loves his new siblings and enjoys wrestling around with Charlie. Charlie is a little fire ball of kitten energy and lounges like no other. Nelly, after hiding under my bed for two weeks straight, has been an amazing surprise. He loves to "hunt" for balls and stuffed toys and is a complete princess.

I also have a bunny rabbit named Jimmy who literally jumped into my arms when his cage door was opened.  I had been doing research about bunnies for a few months and was very interested in adopting one but I needed to wait for awhile. One day when I was volunteering at Animal Humane Society I was asked to help someone. We went over to the small animals section and as I was standing in front of the cage to make sure the rabbit didn't jump out, he flew out of his cage into my arms! I put him on hold and came back for him the next morning. He is the sweetest bunny ever and I am looking to get him some company very soon!

Thank you Animal Humane Society. You have helped bring so much joy into our lives!

Michael K.

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