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Animal Humane Society position on humane investigations

When animals are subjected to neglect and cruelty, it is critical for there to be a humane intervention that will aid and protect the animals.

Animal Humane Society believes there is an essential role for humane investigations in response to formal complaints regarding alleged violations of the animal welfare laws. Humane agents should partner with local law enforcement agencies to facilitate any appropriate investigation. The nature and extent of the efforts vary depending on the case.

It is a priority to work with individuals to change behavior that will consistently improve the life of the animal. When possible, cases should be resolved by educating the owner on proper animal care. When necessary, more complicated cases should involve a criminal investigation, animal seizure, transportation, quarantine, medical treatment and criminal prosecution. We believe animals taken from cruel and or neglectful situations, as a result of an investigation, must be cared for in a humane manner appropriate to their situation and condition

To further develop expertise in state statute enforcement that increase awareness of animal welfare issues it is important for animal welfare organizations to help educate and train law enforcement, and members of academic institutions and community associations on state and federal animal welfare statutes.

In addition, the animal welfare community should focus on affecting positive legislative change by engaging the public to support reasonable and enforceable animal welfare laws that serve to improve the lives of animals. Because violence against animals can be linked to violence against people, advocacy and efforts to protect and improve the well-being of animals serves to instill respect for animal and human life and serves to continue the unique and reciprocal bond that exists between animals and humans.