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April 2, 2013

Fun for everyone at the Walk for Animals!

Whether you come alone, bring the kids, or show up with a wagon full of pets, we’ve got so much in store for you at this year’s Walk for Animals on Saturday, May 4.

The Walk begins at 10:00 a.m. at Animal Humane Society’s Golden Valley campus. It continues through beautiful Theodore Wirth Park, turns around, and heads back to AHS. The walk is approximately five miles total but you can turn around at any time. You’ll have a chance to rest and enjoy the festivities located at the Cities 97 turnaround point - the halfway mark!

Back at AHS, the fun continues with live music on the main stage and plenty of delicious food options so you can refuel after the Walk. Take a stroll along the “flealess market” of pet and people vendors and learn more about the many programs and services AHS offers to our pet-loving community.

Pet contests begin at noon, so if your pet has a special talent, an especially cute face, or resembles you, make sure to get registered in the morning so your pet can be front and center on the main stage.

We’ve got plenty of fun activities to keep the kids entertained. They can bounce off some energy in our giant dog-shaped moonwalk or have their favorite animal painted on their face. Our humane educators will be showing off all the cool things that kids can do at AHS year-round.

Dogs will have a blast at the Doggy Midway, with games and an obstacle course to exercise their minds. Stop by our Chip and Nail station to have your pet microchipped or have their nails trimmed. If you don’t already have a pet or could use another furry family member, make sure to stop by the adoption center to see if any of the animals awaiting adoption are right for you.

Sound like fun? Then join us in celebrating the pets that make a difference in our lives, and supporting the animals less fortunate than our own. If you haven’t already registered for the Walk for Animals sign up today and start raising funds for the animals that need you most.

Special thanks to our 2013 Walk for Animals sponsors: Purina, Fox 9, Cities 97, My 29, Kool 108, Star Tribune, Subaru, and Deli Express.

Her wounds have healed and Emmy's future is bright

Update on Nida (now Emmy) sent in by Lauren and Brandon

Brandon and I just purchased our first home and had been talking about adopting a puppy once we got settled in this summer. On our way home from buying a new fridge for our house, we passed Animal Humane Society and I got the crazy idea that today would be a good day to “visit” the puppies. After a lot of coaxing, Brandon finally agreed to stop “just to look.”

Brandon was immediately attracted to Nida’s (now Emmy) kennel because of her cute pit bull features and soft beautiful coat. We brought her into the play room and she instantly charmed us with her gentle and friendly personality. We knew there was no way that we could leave without her. Unfortunately we couldn’t take her home that day; she still had a few staples to be removed the next morning. We were at the door waiting when AHS opened the next day!

We’ve had Emmy for almost two weeks now and it feels like she has been part of our family her whole life. She fits in so well with the other dogs and everyone she meets. Emmy is super active, which is one of our favorite things about her. We love the outdoors so Emmy fits right in, going hiking and exploring with us, especially now that it’s spring!

Emmy’s new favorite place to meet friends and burn off energy is the dog park. We’ve made it to the dog park almost every day and love checking out different parks to mix it up. Whenever possible, we bring her with us – she’s a big fan of car rides and new experiences. She’s just the dog that we were hoping for and more!

Thank you Animal Humane Society for helping us find our new best friend!

Three special cats need special homes - can you help?

Fluffy, Jackson and Tinky are beautiful young cats that have tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), taken in as part of our new effort to find homes for FeLV positive cats.

All three of these felines are between one and two years old. Fluffy is a male short hair Lynx Point Siamese mix. Jackson is a male long hair Lynx Point Siamese mix and Tinky is a female Tabby Domestic Shorthair mix. They've lived much of their lives as strays on the Leech Lake Reservation, but through a partnership with Leech Lake Legacy and Animal Allies, they were brought to our Golden Valley shelter with hope for a better life. They had been regularly fed by a nearby homeowner at Leech Lake, but the outdoor living conditions and lack of proper medical care were less than ideal for the cats. While the homeowner felt a strong bond to the cats living around her property, she knew she was unable to provide the care they needed.

If provided proper care and management, many cats that are infected with FeLV can live many months to years in good health. However, 85 percent of infected cats do not live longer than three years after their initial diagnosis. And, ideally, any cat infected with FeLV should be kept separate from non-infected cats to keep all the animals as healthy as possible.

These are unique conditions that call for unique adopters — animal lovers who can give these cats the kind of home they deserve and be willing to do the special things managing this condition could require.

Follow this link for more information about FeLV.

These cats will not be available in our adoption center to the general public. We are reaching out to you specifically to help find them homes. If you are interested in meeting Fluffy, Jackson or Tinky, please feel free to contact Kati Jackson, AHS Customer Service Supervisor, by email at or by phone at 763-432-4804. She would be thrilled to talk with you about these cats and arrange for you to visit them.

We’re excited about this opportunity to find more homes for more animals. And on behalf of Fluffy, Jackson and Tinky, we thank you for considering being part of this initiative.

Breeder bill advocates won't give up the fight

Action on the dog and cat breeder regulation bill introduced this year in the Minnesota Legislature (H.F. 84, S.F. 36) is most likely over for this year. Members of the Speak Up for Dogs and Cats coalition (which includes Animal Humane Society) supporting the bill are continuing to lobby and advocate for the measure, which would require licensing, regulation and inspection of commercial dog and cat breeders. But the deadline of March 15 for bills to make it out of committee was not met, meaning there is little chance the bill will make it to the floor of the Legislature this session.

The good news is that the bill is still alive. Minnesota operates on a biennial session, so all the work accomplished this year will apply when the next session begins in February 2014. Members of the coalition will meet soon to review this year’s work and to discuss strategy for the next session.

There were notable accomplishments this year. H.F. 84 passed three committees in the House without any harmful amendments being added, and Governor Mark Dayton publicly supported the bill. Legislators were inundated with calls, hearing from Minnesotans who want the suffering of dogs and cats in inhumane breeding facilities to end.

Support for a breeder regulation bill is stronger than it ever has been, and the bill made more progress than ever before. Coalition leaders are optimistic that the bill will receive the necessary committee hearings in 2014.

ASPCA grant helps care for neglected equines

Animal Humane Society, working with the Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition (MNHWC), recently received a $15,000 grant from the ASPCA to help cover the expenses required to care for 49 horses, ponies and donkeys seized from a Fillmore County property in November 2012. AHS turned the funds over to Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation (MHARF), which has been caring for the animals since they were removed.

This was one of the largest and most severe equine confiscation cases in Minnesota, requiring a major effort to remove and relocate the animals. Criminal charges have been filed, and court proceedings are underway.

The ASPCA grant will fund urgently needed medical, nutritional and rehabilitation services for the animals seized. "This is a heartbreaking and disturbing case both in terms of the overall condition of the animals and also the sheer number of animals involved. There's simply no excuse for starving or neglecting an animal," said MNHWC member Barbara Colombo.

To maximize the reach of these funds, the MNHWC is working closely with Drew Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of MHARF, a nonprofit organization rescuing and restoring the health of horses and other animals in distress. "Too many horses fall through the hands of irresponsible owners. We are grateful to the ASPCA for recognizing the magnitude of this case. This grant will help us fund medical supplies, hay and basic care so that one day each of these horses can be adopted by loving and responsible individuals," said Fitzpatrick.

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