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Make a difference on Give to the Max Day
Mark your calendars for November 15!

On last year’s Give to the Max Day, more than 1,700 animal lovers generously contributed nearly $195,000 to Animal Humane Society in just 24 hours. These funds helped us care for animals like Keegan, a 10-year-old Husky needing dental extractions and other medical attention, before finding him a loving home.

There are several incentives to give this year, making sure your dollars have a lasting impact on the lives of all the animals that come to us in need. Here are the ways you can maximize your donation on Give to the Max Day:

  • Double your dollars! Throughout the day on November 15, matching funds will double donations given to Animal Humane Society through
  • Win a “Golden Ticket!” One lucky donor will be randomly chosen every hour through to have $1,000 in bonus funds added to their donation.
  • In addition to the 24 hourly “Golden Tickets,” one $10,000 “Grand Golden Ticket” will be added to one random donation from the day at 11:59 p.m. on November 15.
  • Grand prize amounts of $12,500, $5,000 and $2,500 will be awarded to the top three nonprofit organizations (colleges and universities excluded) that receive the most dollars during Give to the Max Day.
  • $1,000 bonus funds will be awarded for nonprofits that place 4th-10th on the leaderboard!

We hope you will include Animal Humane Society in your Give to the Max Day plans. Later this week this year's AHS Give to the Max Day mascot, Max, will help us show you some of the great things your support will do for animals in need.

First though, Max wants to let you know about an exciting new feature that allows you to schedule your donation in advance. Max is proud to announce that an anonymous donor is so excitied about this feature that they have agreed to match all scheduled donations, up to $2,500. By scheduling your donation today, you can guarantee we’ll get the day started on a great note!

We’re excited to show the world how generous animal loving Minnesotans are during our state’s largest day of giving!

Sharing the golden years
Adopting a senior pet has its advantages!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adopting a senior pet:

5 reasons to adopt a senior dog:

  1. You won’t need to play the guessing game. Along with already knowing how big the dog is full-grown, you will also know its personality, activity level, and grooming requirements. All of these things make it easier to pick the right dog for your lifestyle.
  2. Teaching an old dog new tricks is easier than you think. Most older dogs are calmer, making it easier for them to focus. Better focus means faster learning.
  3. Less mess and fewer trips to the shoe store. Shoes are for walking, bones are for chewing, and grass is for peeing, right? Try telling that to a puppy! Senior dogs are less likely to be destructive chewers and more likely to be housetrained.
  4. More free time for you to do other things. Puppies are high-energy and need constant supervision while most senior dogs are more independent and are happy with a daily walk at your convenience.
  5. You gain an instant family member. The majority of senior dogs have already had a home, so they know what it’s like to be part of a family and may settle in faster.

5 reasons to adopt a senior cat:

  1. They know what to do with a litter box. Kittens can often be found sleeping or playing in their litter boxes. Older cats are more inclined to use the litter box for its intended purpose.
  2. Avoid kitten chaos. Kitten antics may be fun, but they can also be a bit too mischievous. Older cats have mellowed and are less likely to cause chaos in the home.
  3. They are great for all types of homes. Older cats are better for families with young children. They are also great for working adults as they require less supervision. And senior cats are more laid back, making them perfect for senior people too!
  4. What you see is what you get. Senior cats’ personalities are already established. Whether you want a lap cat, an active cat or an independent cat, you’re more likely to know what you’re bringing home.
  5. Less stress for your other pets. If you have other animals, a senior cat will be much easier to introduce to your brood because they may already have experience living with other pets.

If you want to experience the joys of owning an older pet, check out some of the older animals currently available for adoption at Animal Humane Society.

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Bianca's forever home was meant to be

Story submitted by Tina

When Reggie passed away, his empty bowls, toys, collar, leash and a bag of dog food rested in a laundry basket in our mudroom. Passing by them several times a day made us sad, so one Saturday we decided to take them to Animal Humane Society.

We arrived at AHS in St. Paul and donated the items, then went in to just take a quick look at the dogs. We were greeted with a combination of yelps and barks, but one dog was lying down, head on her paws, perfectly quiet and looking quite forlorn. I continued on, but behind me I heard Jim saying “Well now, you better show a little more energy and interest if you're ever gonna find a home.”

As he spoke, I turned to see the dog lift its head, tilt it slightly, and look directly at my husband. A connection had been made and the dog seemed to know what Jim was saying! A staff woman approached and said the dog's name was Bianca and that we could take her into a room to visit. 

I knew Jim and I both wanted to, but what were we thinking? I didn't want a dog yet. And even if I did, I would want a puppy and they estimated Bianca to be four years old. We also found out that Bianca was from Kentucky and that she was being treated for heartworm.

As we visited with her, I couldn't believe I was actually telling my husband that I wouldn't be averse to taking her as ours! (And that was an understatement — I really wanted this dog!) So the next thing I knew, Jim was filling out the paperwork as I picked out a collar and leash and some new dog food. Sure, we probably could have just asked for the return of Reggie's things, but we knew the shelter could use them. Plus, shouldn't a girl dog have something new? Once in the car, Bianca climbed right up to the front and sat in my lap the whole way home. She was not really a ‘lap-dog’ at fifty-some pounds, so this made her all the more endearing.

After we acquainted Bianca with the inside of her new home, Jim took her out to the backyard. I soon heard him calling my name. I went outside and there lay Bianca in the grass, completely on her back with her legs in the air. At first she was perfectly still, and then she slowly turned her head from side to side, followed by a stretch of the neck, legs pointed to the sky the whole time. “At first I thought something was wrong,” explained Jim, “But look at her! It's obvious that she's just in heaven to lie on the grass like this.”

Bianca is a very happy dog with a happy family. She enjoys a wonderful neighborhood of parks and trails here in the metro area and also some hunting land and a lake place up north. We love her to pieces — and to think I ever thought that we weren’t ready for another dog! We will never forget our Reggie and I can't help but think that ol' Reg would be glad that we found Bianca, especially since it was donating his items that led us to her.

Giving thanks to our volunteer heroes

The holiday season is a time to express appreciation for the people and things in our lives. At Animal Humane Society, we find that there is so much to be grateful for in the course of our work. Of the many things for which we give thanks are the dedicated volunteers who are crucial to our success. This past fiscal year, 1,671 volunteers contributed 112,404 hours to help the animals in our care!

Our greatest current volunteer needs include daytime weekday adoption support and daytime volunteers to help Kindest Cut with paperwork and phone calls in Golden Valley. Apply to volunteer with Kindest Cut, or learn more about other volunteer opportunities available at AHS.

Dogged by the thought of holiday shopping?

The holidays will be here faster than your pet can scoot back inside on a cold morning. Check out these great gift ideas:

  • Give tickets for Whisker Whirl, our exclusive party for people and pups on February 23 at The Depot in downtown Minneapolis.
  • Give a teacher the gift of a classroom visit from AHS. Everyone aces this one.
  • Stop by any of our five locations to purchase an Animal Humane Society gift certificate to use on pet adoption or merchandise.
  • Attention bargain hunters! Visit Animal House, our pet boarding facility at our Golden Valley location, where you’ll find new and gently used pet merchandise at discounted prices.
  • The perfect gift for the pet owner who’s always on the go. Give a gift certificate to Now Boarding, the premier pet boarding and doggy daycare facility near the airport. It’s an AHS subsidiary with net proceeds supporting AHS’s mission-focused programs and services.

If holiday shopping isn’t your thing, here are some other ways you can help support the animals of AHS this holiday season:

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Download some free and fantastic pet photos for your computer screen saver while reading about the incredible success of AHS last year in our annual report online.

Having a party or remodeling? Need a night out? Bring your pet to Now Boarding for a “Short Spell” (up to 15 hours). Your pet will have a ball!

Party like an animal! AHS offers birthday parties at all five locations. Popular days fill up fast so call early to reserve your child’s party!