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November 5, 2013

Be a friend to animals on Give to the Max Day
Mark your calendars for November 14!

The fifth annual Give to the Max Day is just over one week away! Last year, more than 1,800 fellow animal lovers generously contributed more than $200,000 to Animal Humane Society in just 24 hours to help homeless animals in our community. These funds helped us provide a second chance, medical care and new homes to the animals that need us.

There are several incentives to give this year, making sure your dollars have a lasting impact on the lives of all the animals that come to us in need. Here are the ways you can maximize your donation on Give to the Max Day:

  • Schedule your donation – it’s easy! Why wait to give? By scheduling your donation today, you can guarantee we’ll get the day started on a great note.
  • Double your dollars! Throughout the day on November 14, matching funds will double donations given to Animal Humane Society through Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages to see when matching gift opportunities become available.
  • Win a “Golden Ticket.” One lucky donor will be randomly chosen every hour through to have $1,000 in bonus funds added to their donation.
  • Donate during “power hours” (2am, 5am, 6pm and 11pm) when your donation could help us win an additional $1,000 to help animals.
  • Grand prize amounts of $10,000, $7,500 and $5,000 will be awarded to the top three nonprofit organizations that receive the most dollars during Give to the Max Day.

This year, two very special mascots are here to tell you all about how you can be a friend to animals on November 14. Allow Minnie (short for Minnesota, of course) and Max to be your Give to the Max Day tour guides during this exciting day of giving! Watch Minnie and Max introduce themselves in the short video below.

Stay tuned for more from Minnie and Max as they show you some of the great things your support will do for animals in need (and showcase some of their other talents along the way).

We hope you will include Animal Humane Society in your Give to the Max Day plans. We’re excited to show the world how generous animal loving Minnesotans are during our state’s largest day of giving!

A happy outcome for the Pine River dogs

The dogs and puppies seized from the property of Deborah Rowell in Pine River and cared for by AHS for nearly three months are finally able to begin new lives as family pets. A total of 133 dogs and puppies were seized, but because many of the dogs gave birth while in our care, there were more than 200 animals associated with the case. The dogs include a large number of golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Alaskan huskies, cocker spaniels, and several smaller breeds.

When word came that AHS could make the dogs available for adoption, the AHS website experienced record traffic as potential adopters got their first glimpse aof these animals, and dozens of people were waiting when the doors opened at all five AHS locations on October 12, the first day for the Pine River adoptions. There were many touching scenes as AHS staff and volunteers watched dogs and puppies they had come to know and love finally leave to go home with loving families.

More than 150 of the dogs had been adopted as of this week, and about 25 were transferred to other rescue organizations. Several dogs are still being readied for adoption, and will be in AHS adoption centers as they become available.

The dogs were released for adoption after the failure of Rowell’s efforts to challenge the validity of the search warrant used in the seizure. Rowell had been charged with nine misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, but in a plea agreement, she pled guilty to a single count of failure to maintain proper size of shelters. The other charges were dismissed. Rowell was fined $50 and given a 90-day stayed jail sentence.

Sharing the golden years
Adopting a senior pet has its advantages

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. We asked our Facebook friends to share why they love their senior pets. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect reason here to adopt a senior pet yourself!

  • The best decision I ever made was bringing home a 10-year-old Lab named Big Bear! He was 130 pounds, lumpy, and missing a toe but the greatest dog in the world. He had so much life and love left in him to give. We only had 3 wonderful years together, but I wouldn't trade that time for all the puppies in the world. I definitely encourage everyone to take a longer look at those gray faces when visiting the shelters. One of them just might change your life.  ~Jenna
  • There’s a saying: “a rescued pet knows they are rescued, and return the favor often.” This couldn’t be truer of senior pets! Their personalities and sizes are what they are. They are usually potty trained, settle into routines much more easily, and are easily trainable thanks to life experiences and longer attention spans. They are even more appreciative of new homes than younger pets, because they’ve been around the block… sometimes more than once. Senior pets are so thankful to be adopted – giving second chances to these amazing animals is truly life changing, and really IS saving lives. Our 15-year-old cat, Chassis, and 8-year-old dog, Kramer, are perfect examples of senior love at their best. They are the perfect companions: calm, responsive, loving, tolerant, patient – and happiest just being near us (or on us). They definitely know they were given second chances, yet, they have done more for us than we could ever do for them. They are amazing members of our family and we cannot imagine living without them.  ~Kelly
  • Adopting a senior pet will give them the very best last years of their life.  ~Sally
  • Senior pets don't require house-training and are through with all the worst habits of younger pets. Senior dogs are especially great for families on the run as they will usually fit right in and don't require the ever-watchful eye that younger dogs do.  ~John
  • I love Maverick, my 10-year-old Corgi/Shih Tzu, for making me laugh, walking anywhere with me, and being by my side each day. He's my intelligent, playful, brave, and sensitive boy. I am so proud of him and our companionship.  ~Jennifer
  • I love everything about my 9-year-old mixed breed. Bosa is the best companion! He has small bursts of energy and is full of love, his gray beard makes him even more handsome, and he’s way more fun than a puppy!  ~Melissa
  • My cat Timothy will be 16 this month (estimated since I adopted him at AHS) and he has been so loyal to me since I got him in 1999. He understands pretty much what I say to him and I understand pretty much what he tells me. He is very loving but does have some hip pain issues so I massage his hip for him.  ~Norma
  • I love my senior dog because we are both old and can relate to each other!  ~Sue
  • Trio, my 11-year-old AHS alumni dog, still runs with me. She is slowing down on our runs... or perhaps is making me think she is slowing so I don't think I am!  ~Sally

Kindest Cut opens wellness clinic

Kindest Cut’s new wellness clinic, which opened at the beginning of this week, is offering a limited menu of preventative care services, including vaccines, heartworm testing, fecal exams, nail trims, anal gland expression and microchipping. The services are available to qualifying low-income members of the public and to the rescue/shelter population currently served by Kindest Cut. 
The clinic will be open Mondays and Fridays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., with an expansion of days and hours as demand requires and clientele expands. An appointment is not required to use the clinic’s services, but walk-ins may have to wait depending on the time of day.
This clinic is geared for preventative care and will not have the abilities to treat sick animals. Visit Kindest Cut’s website for more information on qualifications and available services. Melrose Animal Clinic is located at Animal Humane Society’s facility at 845 Meadow Lane N, Golden Valley. Kindest Cut operates in partnership with AHS.


Gunner’s incredible transformation

Story submitted by Melanie S.

A year and a half ago my kids and I adopted a dog from the Animal Humane Society in St. Paul. We named him Gunner. When we got him he was really skinny, the hair on his back was yellow, coarse and falling out and he had evidence of a gunshot wound to his chest. Today he is a DockDogs World Championship qualifier! He has been one of the best dogs ever. My kids enjoy him and he enjoys my kids. I am so happy I was able to give this dog a great life. Thanks to AHS for helping get his new life started!

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