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AHS provides low-cost veterinary services to the public

TRUTH: Animal Humane Society is eager to provide affordable services to people in the community who currently can’t afford access to services at private veterinary practices. Unfortunately, Minnesota law* has requirements that make it difficult for us to practice veterinary medicine for animals owned by the public. This means we currently can’t directly offer low-cost spaying or neutering services to the public.

However, we understand that it would be in society’s best interest—and certainly in the best interest of the animals—for there to be more low-cost options available to pet owners. That is why we have started development of a subsidized spay/neuter program for the public that meets all legal requirements. We will begin providing the service in the spring of 2011.

In the meantime, we have developed a list of providers offering low-cost vet services in Minnesota and listed them on Animal Humane Society website.

* [Minnesota statutes § 156.11 and § 156.12 (subd. 1, 2)]