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AHS doesn't scan animals for microchips

TRUTH: Why would an organization that advocates that pets be microchipped, provides five low-cost microchip clinics each month and microchips all the animals made available for adoption not scan for a microchip when an animal arrives at its shelters? Truth be told, we scan each animal not just once, but two to three times before it leaves our shelters.

All animals are scanned when they are brought to Animal Humane Society—even if they are surrendered by their family. They are again scanned during their examination and again if it is determined they are unhealthy or untreatable and need to be humanely euthanized.

We make every effort to ensure the animals in our care are returned to their owners. In addition to microchipping each animal that is adopted and scanning those who come in, we’ve provided an online lost and found bulletin board for the public. The site includes stray animals waiting at our facilities to be found by their family.