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The clock is ticking for the animals at AHS

TRUTH: The only time limit imposed on the animals at Animal Humane Society is the five-day stray hold. This time period is provided to give the animal’s owner time to locate the pet before we consider it for placement.

Other than the stray hold, there is no time limit placed on the animals that come to our shelters. No animal is ever euthanized because it ran out of time.

The time animals stay in our care varies and depends on the individual animal’s circumstances, but we’re always working to shorten their wait. In March 2009, we launched Bound for Home, a multi-year initiative designed to provide enhanced care to the animals. The goal of the initiative is to ensure all healthy and treatable animals that come through our doors are placed with caring families. We’re doing things differently to provide enriched living environments for the animals and improving the way they move through the different areas of care at our facilities. Making these improvements will ensure high quality care and reduce the length of stay for animals in the shelter. Ultimately, it will reduce euthanasia.