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AHS is full of sick and abused animals

TRUTH: Historically, few resources were available to provide high quality medical care to animals prior to adoption. That is no longer the case. Significant advancements have been made in the past 15 years. At Animal Humane Society, animals are examined, vaccinated, sterilized and microchipped prior to adoption. Many medical issues are treated and healed prior to placement in a new home or with another rescue or sanctuary. In fact, at adoption adopters receive a 30-day gift of pet insurance to help address unanticipated health issues.

Not only are animals not riddled with disease, there are more than just mixed breeds (or “mutts”) available for adoption. Approximately 25% of animals in shelters are purebred. This makes for an incredibly diverse group of animals available at any given time.

Some are well-adjusted strays with unknown backgrounds. Others are turned over by responsible owners who can no longer keep their pets because of allergies, moving, loss of job, or a new baby. Some come in after being rescued during humane investigations cases, while others are transferred here from some of our animal welfare partners.

All animals are screened medically and behaviorally to ensure that animals placed for adoption will be good family members and good community citizens.

Unfortunately, there are animals that are found to be in need of extra care and rehabilitation. They are provided with necessary treatment until they can be placed with a family willing to continue their care.

No matter how they got here or who they are today, the animals in our adoption centers are full of life and ready to move on to their new homes.