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AHS refuses to work with other animal welfare organizations

TRUTH: The truth is we’re grateful to have help. Of course we want to see fewer animals euthanized, but we are also committed to placing only healthy, treatable and safe animals in the community and to protect the hundreds of other animals already in our care.

We understand the importance of working together to help more animals and that is why we helped to co-found the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPAW). The partnership brought together 10 animal welfare organizations from across Minnesota with one goal in mind—to make Minnesota a more humane place for animals.

Beyond MnPAW, we work with nearly 20 other rescue groups almost every day to help place animals. In 2009, 672 animals that came to us found homes through other organizations.

We’re also glad to help other partner rescue groups achieve our common goal of saving animals. We routinely take in animals from overcrowded shelters—animals that would have been euthanized. In 2009, we received 3,132 animals from organizations asking for our help.

The bottom line is there is a disparity between the number of homes in the community and the number of animals that come to Animal Humane Society. It is essential for us to work with our trusted community partners in animal welfare who share our objective of a loving home for every healthy and treatable companion animal.