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When Molly began her quest to find a dog, she did plenty of research to figure out which breed she wanted. She looked online, went to animal events, and talked with volunteers at shelters. She finally decided on a lab and headed to Animal Humane Society to see if any of the dogs were right for her.

One of the first dogs she walked past looked up at her with the sweetest puppy dog eyes. Her name was Lexi. She was at least 15 pounds overweight, was timid and seemed afraid. Molly wondered what breed this odd-looking dog could be. She wasn’t a lab like she wanted and she seemed like too much work for a first dog. Molly moved on, determined to find her perfect match. But on her way out, she walked past Lexi one last time and felt her staring right at her. She left that day with Lexi in hand and a bit of a nervous feeling in her stomach. Would this shy, mystery dog really work out?

It seemed as though Lexi had never been on a walk before and their first few attempts were challenging. She was slow, would snort a lot, and often would stop and refuse to go any further. Molly was determined to help Lexi get healthy and in shape. Over the next four months, Lexi learned to love going on walks and dropped 15 pounds. With Molly’s dedication, Lexi has transformed into a healthy, confident dog. She loves to run at the dog park and has a new love for toys and playing fetch. Molly and Lexi have developed an indescribable bond and she now calls this mystery dog her “doggie soul mate.”

Photography courtesy of Laurie Schneider Photography. For information on pet portraits visit

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