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Why support Animal Humane Society?

Discover what love can do

Animal Humane Society (AHS) has served Minnesota for more than 135 years with a mission to engage the hearts, hands and minds of the community to help animals.

Throughout our history in the Upper Midwest, Minnesota, and beyond our borders, AHS has demonstrated what love can do for animals and the people who reach out to help them. Today, AHS ensures that “humane” means the best of treatment, the best of service, and the best of animal protection and cruelty prevention in the 21st century.

AHS began at a time when creating a humane world held a very different meaning. Horse drawn carriages plied the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Industrialization crowded cities across Europe and North America. When the prairies gave way to farming in our rich river valleys, animal welfare organizations emerged to help balance the needs of companion and working animals in a changing world.

What love of animals did then—paving the way for the best outcomes for animals in the day—is what love of animals does today through AHS and the generosity of its ardent and loyal donors, volunteers and advocates.  

Your support and involvement keeps AHS’s innovative spirit at work in our day, making AHS the largest animal welfare organization in the Upper Midwest and a national leader in sheltering and responding to the needs of animals.

Innovations in shelter management, mobile spay/neuter programs, and behavioral and educational services for pets and their families are moving us towards our goal of 90% placement of animals.

Helping people keep their pets in their homes and making more pets ready for adoption means that today AHS has the resources to save and place animals with health, injury and behavioral issues that we would not have been able to treat just a few years ago. Animal investigations, public information campaigns and public policy work reduce the incidence of animal cruelty. AHS is reaching across our state borders to help rescue animals from puppy mills and natural disasters. Housing, veterinary care, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and collaring and tagging help AHS create happy endings to these animal stories.

Yet these successes only begin to tell the story of what love can do when it comes to animals. With your help, so much more is possible, including: 

  • Increasing rehabilitative services, and delivering more advanced levels of veterinary and behavioral care when the need arises
  • Expanding outreach efforts by extending the availability of  affordable spay/neuter programs to eliminate unwanted litters,  especially where poverty affects quality of life for people and pets
  • Providing more educational opportunities so that children can learn life lessons of responsibility and empathy through humane education and every community benefits from a healthy, well cared for pet population
  • Continuing to innovate in-shelter services for greater ease of adoption and assistance with surrender
  • Reaching out across Minnesota and beyond to respond when animal crises strike and provide our expertise when partners call for help
  • Leading the way in awareness, advocacy and action where animal health is at risk and policy choices can make a difference

Make a difference

In fiscal year 2014, we are relying on generous donors to make AHS a charitable priority and to join with 50,000 other individuals, families, businesses and foundations to provide more than $8.7 million in financial support for these services.

When a dog or cat from AHS becomes a family member, a commitment, a bond of trust, and a world of new experiences comes into the home, too. Children learn responsibility and empathy, seniors find comfort, and family memories are transformed by the presence of well-loved pets. To ensure that the pet population in our region is well served – meaning humane treatment is available to all pets and companion animals – we rely on AHS to lead the way.

The challenges of our modern world are surely different than in generations past. But abandoned, unwanted and suffering animals still arrive every day at AHS.

With your help, AHS can provide the love and care necessary to undo this damage. When we feel the joy and healing presence of companion animals in our lives, we can be grateful for the knowledge that AHS is educating every generation, and making life better for each and every animal, for the people who love them, and for the communities whose quality of life is enriched by the work we do.