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Online Introduction to Dog Training

Introduction to Dog Training

Introduction to Dog Training

 Introduction to Dog Training

To get started in our Training School, you must attend one of our free, humans-only Introduction to Dog Training sessions.

Attend the session in person

You may attend at any location. No registration is required. Upcoming sessions will begin at 6:30pm (unless otherwise noted) on the following dates:

Coon Rapids
Map and directions

5/6(7:15pm), 6/3(7:15pm)

Golden Valley
Map and directions

5/5, 5/13, 5/19, 5/23(11:00am), 5/28

Now Boarding (South Minneapolis)
Map and directions

5/4, 5/18, 6/8

Map and directions

5/12, 6/2

Complete the session online

Can't make it to an in-person session? You may send an email for a link to complete the session online. 


Review our Training School FAQ, call us at 763-489-2217, or send an email.

Pet behavior library

Pet behavior library

We want to help solve pet behavior problems!

Sometimes pet behavior problems seem overwhelming, but many can be managed with the application of a little knowledge and a little effort. Keeping pets in their homes in a manner that's comfortable for both pet and owner is one of our many goals at Animal Humane Society.

This online library contains tried-and-true methods for managing many common pet behavior problems as well as tools for evaluating situations that may require additional resources. Please browse the list of titles below and study the information that's relevant to your particular situation. Try the solutions that are offered.

If your problem persists, please call our Behavior Helpline at (763)489-2202 and leave a message for our behavior helpline counselors.

By keeping pets and owners together, this online library and the Behavior Helpline assist Animal Humane Society in carrying out its mission to reinforce the human-animal bond and reduce the number of surrendered animals. Materials can be mailed to people who don't have access to a computer.

General information

Introducing animals



For all dog owners

Puppies and adolescent dogs

Adult dogs

Dog parks and play

Behavior problems

Private training sessions

Private training sessions

We've all been there. No matter how many pets we've raised or how many classes we've taken, sometimes we need a little extra help. That's what our experienced, full-time trainers are here for! Come and meet with us at our Golden Valley or Woodbury location about any of the following concerns:

  • Post-adoption support
  • Managing a multi-pet household
  • Fitting and learning to use a Gentle Leader
  • Housetraining
  • Adolescent dog behaviors (play-biting, hyperactivity, jumping up, etc.)
  • Shy/fearful behavior
  • Puppy biting
  • Dog reactivity
  • Crate training
  • Getting ready for a new baby
  • Fun tricks and games
  • Loose leash walking
  • Coming when called

Just want to work on obedience skills but don't want to take a group class? No problem: general obedience training is available as an alternative to group classes. Students already participating in our training classes who would like help with specific skills are also welcome!

Our rates are $40 for a 30-minute session and $75 for a 60-minute session. Appointments can be made from Wednesday to Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., depending on the day's schedule. Limited appointment times are also available on Saturday afternoons.

The following topics are NOT addressed in our private sessions:

  • Dog-to-human aggression
  • Bites to humans or dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Service dog training

For help with these concerns, contact us for referrals to local behavior professionals. To schedule a session or to learn more, contact us at 763-489-2217 between Monday and Friday. You can also contact us by email at

Register for Dog Training Classes

Register for dog training classes

Please review and accept:

About us

We use dog-friendly, gentle methods in our Training Program. Our instructors use a combination of lure/reward and clicker training methods because they are fun and easy for all family members. Please feel free to observe our classes without your pet if you have any questions about our methods.

Ten things our cats wish we knew about litter boxes

Ten things our cats wish we knew about litter boxes

  1. We don’t like stinky toilets any more than you do.
  2. We have to walk around in our toilet. 
  3. We like it cleaned every day.  Scratch that…we need it to be cleaned every day.

Dog and Bike Safety

Dog and bike safety

Twin Cities residents are fortunate to have miles and miles of combined biking/walking paths, allowing everyone to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. Cyclists can enjoy the winding lake paths and city views, walkers can take in the green spaces that their dogs also love. Combining the two activities, though, can be hazardous to both parties if certain basic precautions aren’t taken.  Here are some guidelines from someone who enjoys both activities:

To Dog Walkers

When Good Play Goes Bad

When Good Play Goes Bad:
Dog Tolerance Changes in Adolescent/Adult Dogs

Click here for a printable PDF version

Small animal training

Small animal training

Below you will find some AHS Training School options for small animals.

Rabbit agility

Rabbits love to jump and explore. Agility programs provide exercise and mental stimulation for both caged and house rabbits. Rabbit agility classes are also an ideal way to interact and have fun with your rabbit, providing a perfect bonding experience.

Tunnels, ramps and jumps are all a challenge for the explorer bunny. To prepare your rabbit for this new experience, the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society offers band classes to teach your bunny socialization skills and adapt them to a leash.

Band levels

  • White Band: Rabbits will learn socialization skills as well as leash walking skills, foot cues, and targeting.
  • Yellow Band: Intro to Agility obstacles. Rabbits will learn to hop over 4” jumps and negotiate short tunnels and the A-frame.
  • Green Band: Rabbits will be introduced to the bridge and curved tunnels. Jump height and spread increase. Voice cues will begin to be added.
  • Blue Band: The tire jump is introduced. Rabbits learn to turn in response to verbal cues. Jump height and spread continue to increase.
  • Purple Band: Reliability is stressed. Recall and obstacle discrimination by name. Water jumps are introduced.
  • Red Band: Off-leash reliability is stressed. Complex sequencing. Classes are tailored to the needs of the individual class members.

Our methods: We use only bunny-friendly, gentle methods in our Training Program. Our instructors use a combination of lure/reward and clicker training methods because they are fun and easy for all family members. Please feel free to observe our classes without your pet if you have any questions or concerns about our methods.

Our Band Levels Program is created so that you can progress at your own speed.

New classes start every 5 weeks

Training Pass Fees*
5 week Training Pass: $25 ($20 w/ discount)
10 week Training Pass: $50 ($45 w/ discount)
*$5 discount given for registered 4-Hers, MCRS members, and AHS adoptees.

Health Requirements: Rabbits must show no signs of communicable disease, including eye or nasal discharge, diarrhea, or signs of skin or ear mite infestation. Rabbits should be bright eyed and alert, and have been in the home for at least two weeks prior to beginning classes. All rabbits must also be spayed/neutered before attending.

Equipment: Carrier for rabbit to rest in. Either plastic or wire is acceptable. H-style harness (available for purchase). No Figure-8 harnesses. Leash: 4’or 6’ nylon, cotton, or leather leash, no wider than ½”. No double-handled leashes, chain leashes or retractable leashes, please.

Treats: Please do not feed your rabbit, other than hay, on the afternoon of class. Bring your rabbit’s favorite treat cut into tiny pieces. Treat suggestions include carrots, apples, greens, oatmeal, sunflower seeds, raisins, craisins, cheerios, yogurt drops, papaya, dried pineapple, or dried banana.

For dates and information about upcoming classes please contact the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society by email or check out the MCRS website for lots of great information about rabbits.

Hoppy Hour

A social hour for rabbits and their owners, held every other Sunday at 1 p.m. Admission is $3 per rabbit. All rabbits must be spayed or neutered in order to attend. For exact dates, please contact the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society by email or check out the MCRS website for lots of great information about rabbits.

Before You Go to the Dog Park

Before you go to the dog park

Off-leash parks are great resources for exercising, stimulating and socializing dogs.  That being said, here are a few things to consider before going there with your dog:

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