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Therapy animals

Therapy animals

The Animal Humane Society's Animal Ambassadors are specially-trained volunteers who, along with their own pets, provide animal-assisted therapy and activities to the elderly in nursing homes and other assisted living establishments throughout the Twin Cities metro area.  Through visits these unique volunteers bring comfort, learning, and fun to the people they reach.

Facilites interested in arranging visits from these teams should contact (763) 432-4847 for more information.

Microchip and Nail Clinics

Microchip and Nail Clinics

If your pet is ever lost, your chances of finding him/her significantly improve if he or she is microchipped.

Microchips are an implanted form of identification the size of a grain of rice. This inexpensive chip is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades just under the skin and is equipped with an individual scanning number. That number is then listed with your contact information in a nation-wide database that can be accessed by veterinarians and animal shelters to aid in the return of your lost pet. They do not contain a battery, making them functionally reliable for the life of your pet.

Increase your chances of being reunited with your animal friend by joining us at one of our Microchip and Nail Clinics. This convenient, affordable event makes it easy for you to get your pet microchipped, and, if you choose, have his/her nails clipped too. Microchipping is $30 plus tax and nail trims are $15 plus tax. Anal gland expression is also offered at $15 plus tax.

Sunday clinics

1-3 p.m. on the first and third Sunday of each month

Coon Rapids
1–3 p.m. on the second and fourth Sunday of each month

Golden Valley
1–3 p.m. on the second and fourth Sunday of each month

St. Paul
1–3 p.m.on  the first and third Sunday of each month

1–3 p.m. on the first and third Sunday of each month

Please see the events calendar for exact dates

By appointment

Microchipping and nail trims are also available at Animal House, our pet boarding facility at our Golden Valley location. Call Animal House at (763) 489-2222 for more information.

End of life services

End of life services

At Animal Humane Society, we’re here to support you through all the stages of your animal’s life, even the tough ones. End of life care for your pet brings about both difficult and emotional decisions. There are many questions, but what is the best answer for you and your family?

We provide a variety of compassionate services to help you through this process:

Pet Loss Support Group

For many of us, our companion animal is a member of the family, and when the bond we share is broken, the resulting sense of loss and grief is as real and sometimes as overwhelming as when we lose a relative or human friend. At Animal Humane Society’s Pet Loss Support Group, you can share your feelings with others who are going through a similar experience.

End of life admission services

Animal Humane Society provides a compassionate and caring post-admission* euthanasia service for pet owners with limited incomes who can't afford the same service at a private-practice veterinarian. This service does not include veterinary consultation, and we are unable to accommodate requests for visitation during the procedure.

We provide this service for a variety of different animals. When the time comes, please contact our Animal Admissions Center at 763-412-4969 to discuss your needs.

Private cremation

We provide private cremation service for families who wish to keep the remains of their pet. Your pet will receive an individual cremation with its remains carefully packaged and returned to you in a standard container along with a certificate of cremation.  The remains of your pet will be available for you to pick up seven to 10 business days after your pet is brought to our facilties. Urns are available for purchase and range in price from $50 to $150.

Communal cremation

Communal cremation for owners who do not wish to keep the remains of their pet.

Fees for all services are due at the time your pet is brought to Animal Humane Society. If you have questions or need additional information, please call our Animal Admission Center at 763-412-4969.


  End of Life
Admission Services
Cat $55 $20 $80
Chinchilla $25 $10 $80
Dog $55-60 $20 $80-90
Ferret $25 $10 $80
Guinea Pig $10 $10 $80
Pot-bellied pig $85 $20 $90
Rabbit $55 $10 $80
Reptile $40 $10 $80
Rodent $10 $10 $80

* Admission equates to transfer of ownership.

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