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Free spay/neuter for outdoor cats in 55303 and 55304 zip codes

Free spay/neuter surgery for outdoor cats in the 55303 and 55304 zip codes

Animal Humane Society currently operates a targeted Trap-Neuter-Return program in the 55303 and 55304 zip codes. Our staff and volunteers work with community members and feral cat colony caretakers to humanely trap cats, transport them for surgery, ear-tipping, and vaccination, and return them to the colony following treatment.

Back in their outdoor home, these cats will not reproduce. Trap-Neuter-Return improves their lives and yours. It is effective and humane. There is no cost to participate.

To help with this effort or identify stray or feral cats for sterilization, please contact Jo Daney at 763-432-4848 or

Learn more about Animal Humane Society's Community Cats program.

Pet services

Pet services

Animal Humane Society is committed to supporting you throughout the life of your pet with socialization and play group opportunities, training classes, pet boarding, a pet behavior helpline, and events for you and your pet.

Our services include:

Sheltering outdoor dogs

Sheltering outdoor dogs

Dogs are highly social animals, and the Animal Humane Society hopes that all dogs and their people will achieve that special closeness that comes from sharing their home and many hours together. But we recognize that there are some situations... like a family member with allergies... where some families choose to keep an "outdoor dog." If so, Minnesota Law is quite specific about how their pet must be shelterd.

Home Search Sites

Search for a pet friendly home


The largest online database of currently available pet-friendly housing. Each apartment listing has a small pet icon that indicates if that particular property allows pets

People With Pets

Shows pet restrictions right next to the apartment so you can easily see what size dogs they accept.  The site also gives access to pet-friendly roommates if you are looking to rent or have a room for rent.

Apartment List

Search by neighborhood, prize and size.  Each property listing includes which pets are allowed.

My New Place

Search by desired city, then click on the Pet option from the menus at the top of the page.

Housing Link

Specializes in affordable apartments, including Section 8.  Most listings specify if pets are allowed.

Property owners & managers

Property owners and managers

There can be benefits to establishing pet-friendly guidelines for your property. There are many responsible, clean, and respectful renters looking for pet-friendly housing. Because they must search harder for a place to live, pet caregivers are more likely to stay put. Lower vacancy rates mean lower costs and fewer headaches for you.

Post pet-friendly housing *
Sample pet policy (coming soon!)


Renting successfully with pets

Renting successfully with pets
  • Offer your new landlord the opportunity to visit you after you've moved in so they can meet your pet and see how well you keep your current rental unit.
  • Try to take a few days off when you move into a new place to help your pet adjust. It's new for your pet too, and sometimes even the most quiet and calm pets will get anxious in new surroundings and make excessive noise, disturbing the neighbors. It often helps if you can be there to help your pet adjust to the new home.
  • Be a good neighbor.

Moving successfully with pets

Moving successfully with Pets

  • Make sure your pet is micro-chipped and is wearing proper identification like collars and tags.
  • Keep your pet's documentation with you and in a safe place. This includes current vaccination records as well as documentation on tattoo numbers, microchip numbers, license numbers, spay/neuter certificate, phone number for your current vet, and a recent photo of your pet.
  • Consult your vet to ensure your pet is in good health for traveling.

Conducting a successful housing search

Conducting a successful housing search

Please... if you cannot immediately find housing that accepts pets, do NOT abandon your pet in your old rental unit in the hopes that someone else will find and care for them, or in the hopes that you'll be able to "come back" later and get them. Pets depend on us for their care.

Managing pet allergies

Managing pet allergies

If someone in your home has been diagnosed with allergies by an allergist, carefully consider if you can live with or manage the symptoms. Children may outgrow pet allergies while others are able to manage their symptoms and keep their pet in their home.

The following have proven effective in managing pet allergies:

Financial or domestic assistance

Financial or domestic assistance

We realize that there are many different obstacles a family can face that affect how and if they can continue to care for their pet. We can’t always be the solution, but want you to know the following resources are also available to you.

Disaster emergency

Domestic violence
Foster homes for for people in need and in the military

Social media