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Pet Dish for October 8, 2014


Pet Dish

October 8, 2014

 Reserve your seat at AHS’s premier dining event 

The top chefs in the Twin Cities are coming together for one night to give you an unforgettable dining experience. Join us for our 2014 Wine Dinner, an elegant event benefiting Animal Humane Society, on Friday, November 7 at The Saint Paul Hotel.

Enjoy exquisite food crafted by the culinary artists below, expertly paired with fine wines from The Cellars Wines & Spirits. For more information on the featured chefs, the menu, and to purchase tickets visit the Wine Dinner website.

Sarah Master
Johnny Michaels, Drinkmaker
First Course
Seth Fannin
The Saint Paul Hotel
Second Course
Thomas Boemer
Corner Table
Third Course
Russell Klein
Brasserie Zentral and Meritage
Fourth Course
Marshall Paulsen
Birchwood Café
Fifth Course
J.D. Fratzke
The Strip Club Meat & Fish
Sixth Course
Shawn Mckenzie
Burch Steakhouse and Pizza Bar

October is Adopt-a-Dog month

Last year Animal Humane Society provided a new beginning for more than 17,000 companion animals – that’s a lot to celebrate! We love hearing success stories about how the pets are doing in their new homes, and in honor of October being Adopt-a-Dog month we want to share a few adopted dog updates with you:

We got Ellie nearly 5 years ago the day after Christmas. She was underweight to the point of her rib cage and hip bones sticking out, she had an ear infection and bad flakey skin. She also had no manners. She jumped up and scratched me, dragged me when I went to visit with her, and she was just generally terribly behaved. But there was something about her that stood out and I knew she would be the perfect dog for me. Now, she is completely healthy and well mannered. She loves playing fetch, hiking, swimming, and annoying our two cats. I am so lucky to have her!  ~Julie

We couldn't be happier since our puppy Squirrel became part of our family. Squirrel lives enthusiastically. She trots down the street with her floppy ears bouncing. She chases her ball at an alarming sprint. She greets you at the door with kisses and a tail that wags hard enough to shake the whole back half of her body. We're so excited to have a little (or not-so-little, she's growing so fast) friend with whom to share adventures. Here is a picture of Squirrel on her first hike; we think she's a natural! ~Kate

I visited the Woodbury Animal Humane Society just so I could meet Addie. I walked in her kennel and she was the first, last, and only dog I visited that day. I put her on hold and returned the next day and just couldn't leave without her. She's been by my side since the rainy Sunday I brought her home. She is full of energy, love, and lots and lots of kisses. I can't imagine my life without her wagging tail, big ears, and slobbery kisses! ~Amanda

My husband and I adopted a Pointer from the Golden Valley location in June 2013. Domino is extremely loyal and an awesome asset to our family. She is currently being trained to be an emotional service dog. Since we had a great experience with Animal Humane Society, we decided to adopt another puppy. We adopted a Brittany spaniel in August 2014. Dozer is quickly adapting to his new home and loves to be involved in everything we do. ~Dara

Bottles Babies program is flourishing

Animal Humane Society’s Bottle Babies program took off in 2014, providing critical care services to nearly 130 neonatal kittens. Of the 128 kittens that qualified for the program this year, 121 found placement with our foster volunteers. Seven more were transferred to Angel of Hope Animal Rescue, a rescue partner that was our only resource for these fragile kittens prior to the Bottle Babies program.

This inspiring program relies on a cadre of volunteers who are willing to foster these tiny kittens in their homes, a significant commitment of time and effort as the kittens must be fed as often as every two hours. This year, 27 volunteers fostered neonatal kittens in their homes, and the number of volunteers who attended the Bottle Babies training increased 53%.

“The volunteers are fantastic; they love helping these kittens and really enjoy seeing them develop from little creatures that need so much time, attention and care, to rambunctious active kittens ready to find their new homes,” said Kelly Anderson, AHS foster coordinator.

If you are interested in learning more and volunteering with Bottle Babies next season, visit

Special thanks to the volunteer committee and employees at the Target headquarters in Minneapolis for their incredible support and funding of the kits for the 2014 Bottle Babies season. This spring, Target held a volunteer day where 135 employees helped put together 20 bottle baby kits, decorated ping pong balls for feline stimulation, and made over 300 fleece blankets for the kits and for our in-shelter cats and kittens.

Tweet to help raise $5,000 for AHS!

Want a quick and easy way to help animals? Minnesota United FC is participating in a competition called #MOAMVP, in which each soccer player supports a charity and promotes it on Twitter for a chance to win $5,000 for their cause. Player Michael Reed chose to support Animal Humane Society, and you can help us win!

Just write atweet thanking Michael for his support and include his Twitter handle @TheRocketReed and the hashtag #MOAMVP. Here’s an example of a recent Tweet: “Love the Animal Humane Society! @TheRocketReed #MOAMVP”

The player with the most votes at the end of the season will win! In addition, one lucky "tweeter" will be chosen to have dinner with Michael! Find us on Twitter at

Did you know?

So many great things happen here at Animal Humane Society that it's hard to keep track! In our "Did You Know?" series, you get a special pass to go behind the scenes at AHS and see some of the life-changing work we do.

In this month's episode, we are celebrating the one-year “adoptiversary” of the dogs and puppies seized from a puppy mill in Pine River, Minn. Watch to see how some of the dogs are doing in their new homes!


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Pine River Success Stories

Send your Pine River success story

Did you adopt a Pine River dog? Would you be willing to share your experiences with us? We’re putting together a special online edition of Animal Tracks that will feature stories of adopters and their Pine River pets, and we’d love to hear from you. Please email and we will send you additional information.

Rescue Waggin': Tales from the Road

Rescue Waggin

Rescue Waggin': Tales from the Road

Pet Dish for March 4, 2014


Pet Dish

March 4, 2014

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