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Animal House FAQ

How do I make a reservation?

Please give Animal House a call at (763) 489-2222 and one of our staff members can help you!  You can also fill out an online reservation request and one of our staff members will call you back to confrim your reservation and gather more information to ensure that your pet's stay is enjoyable. 

Do you require a reservation for boarding? 

To make sure that each pet gets the attention they deserve, reservations are required.  During off-peak times, we may be able to accommodate same-day reservations but more notice is preferable to ensure your pet has a spot. (Peak times include holiday weeks and June-September.)

What vaccinations do I need?

  • Dogs need a current Distemper/Parvo combo, Bordatella, and Rabies.
  • Cats need their PRC, and Rabies.
  • Ferrets will need their Distemper and Rabies.

Animal House needs proof of vaccinations faxed to us at (763) 489-2256 prior to your pet’s arrival date.  Most vets are able to fax your vaccinations to us for you. If you do not have access to a fax machine, please call your vet and ask to fax them to us.

What are your check-in and check-out times?

Check-ins and -outs are available anytime during our open hours. Animal House is closed on major holidays.  Although closed, we are fully staffed on these holidays to care for your pets.

Do you have a minimum age for boarding a dog?

No. Any age is welcome.  Whether your dog is a high energy puppy or mellow senior with special needs, we can provide your pet with the specialized care he or she needs to make their stay comfortable. 

Do you offer any discounts for frequent stays?

We're proud of the relationships we've cultivated with our customers and their pets. As a way of saying thank you, we offer a Frequent Boarder Program where you can earn free stays.

Additonally, we also offer a 10% discount when one family boards multiple pets at a time.

What if I have to cancel?

Please call 763-489-2222 as soon as possible to notify staff and make your space available for other pet owners in need of boarding.

Can my pet bring their favorite toys or blanky while boarding?

We encourage you to bring any favorite toys, bedding or treats (though we ask you to refrain from bringing very flat items, like raw-hides sticks without knots or very small nyla bones.)  Often having items that smell like home gives your pet a sense of security. However, please make sure all items are replaceable, if necessary.

What if my pet has a special diet or is on medication?

We are happy to feed your pet specialty foods or administer medications that you wish to leave with us.  Exceptions include injectable medications, like insulin or subcutaneous fluids.

How many times will my dog go outside?

Dogs are let outside in individual runs four times per day. Additional leash walks are also a great way to get your dog out to stretch his or her legs and spend time with staff away from other boarding guests.

Will my cat get playtime?

Your cat will over the opportunity to stretch his or her legs and play in our spacious cat room, equipped with cat trees and toys. Playtimes typically last one to two hours, once a day, minimum. Playtime duration and frequency depend on the number of boarders and individual cat needs.

Do you board exotic/small animals?

We've had everything from chickens to turtles stay with us at Animal House.  Call us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can accommodate your pet.

Does my dog or cat need to be spayed or neutered?


What if my pet requires medical care while I am away?

Animal House staff can administer basic first aid for your pet. If more urgent care is needed, we will notify you, your emergency contact person, and/or your own veterinarian.  If the situation is critical, there is an emergency veterinary clinic less than five minutes away.

May I see daily records of my pet's health and behavior?

Open communication is very important to us. Your pet will come home with a report card that tells you about their stay. Also, at pick-up, one of our staff members will give you a detailed account. 

Can I have a tour of your facility?

We are always happy to show off our wonderful facility! Stop by anytime during our regular business hours.  

Can I call and check on my pet while they are staying with you?

Of course! Feel free to call us during regular business hours and we can give you an update on your pet. Please keep in mind that we may not answer the phone right away if we are away from the desk caring for the animals. Make sure you leave a message with a phone number where you can be reached.

You also have the option to receive updates about your pet via text message! This is a great resource for pet owners with a busy vacation or work schedule who wish to keep up-to-date on how their pet is doing.

My pet has never been boarded before, do you have any tips?

Before your pet’s first stay you may want to bring him or her here for a trial run.  You may want to try a one-night stay or even bring them in for daycare.  You will also want to bring items from home so that your pet can smell their home environment on the item(s).  Many pets like to have their favorite bed, toy, or even a blanket from home. If your pet is anxious in new environments, we have many services to increase their enjoyment with more special, individualized attention. Options include walks, playtimes, brushings, and other treats! If you are anxious about leaving your pet with us, you can call us any time during your pet’s stay for an update about how they are doing.  

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