51 terrier mixes rescued

In January 2010, Animal Humane Society was called in by authorities to assist in ceasing operations of a commercial breeding facility in a rural Minnesota county. The call to AHS came after authorities there responded to three different calls about the operation.

At the facility, a high number of dogs of various breeds were found living in deplorable conditions. They were housed three to a cage in small kennels that didn’t allow for them to move or turn around; each kennel was covered in feces that contributed to painful mattes in the dogs’ fur. They were not provided exercise and experienced little to no human contact leaving them unsocialized and scared of the outside world.

AHS Humane Agent Keith Streff convinced the owners to surrender the animals into the care of AHS in order to get them into a safe and healthy environment. On Thursday, January 14, 2010, Agent Streff returned to the facility with a team from AHS to rescue the 51 dogs housed there.

AHS staff has since been working tirelessly to get these animals into new homes this week. It is also working with Animal Allies in Duluth, Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud, and local rescue groups A Rotta Love and Pet Haven to provide special treatment and care for the dogs most affected by their previous environment. 

Watch footage taking at the facility the day of the rescue
Warning: Footage may be difficult to watch for some viewers

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