Take action to keep Minn. animal welfare laws moving in the right direction

Contact the authors of the bill, Senator Doug Magnus and Representative Rod Hamilton, and your personal State Senator and State Representative and ask them to oppose S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369.

Ask them to work toward protecting Minnesota companion animals, not to further hide the neglect and cruelty that occurs in our state.

Senator Doug Magnus, author of S.F. 1118
(651) 296-5650

Representative Rod Hamilton, author of H.F. 1369
(651) 296-5373 or 800-735-2463
Your State Senator and State Representative

Find contact information by entering your address here.

Don’t forget to mention the bill number when you call or write: S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369.


  • The passage of S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369 is a step in the wrong direction. Instead of working toward keeping Minnesota companion animals healthy and safe, the state will be turning a blind eye to the issue of inhumane breeding by providing inhumane “animal facilities” further protection.
  • As seen in the past four years, the Senate and House Agriculture Committees have shown little interest in being a partner to offer protection for animals. Now, the Chairs of those committees have introduced S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369.

It begs the question: why would anyone be interested in protecting the interests of individuals who might be harming animals?

  • Senator Doug Magnus was noted in a recent media report for stating that if the public wants to see what is going on in animal facilities all they have to do is ask the owner of the facility.

Facilities that knowingly operate outside of the law are not going to invite witnesses in to see their acts of neglect and cruelty.

  • The language within the legislation is vague and could hamper the ability of law enforcement and Animal Humane Society humane agents to effectively investigate acts of animal cruelty and neglect.

For example, the bill language states that a governmental agency or office taking lawful action involving the animal facility or an animal maintainted there are exempt from certain aspects of the bill. Does that include Animal Humane Society Humane Agents?

  • Although there is language in the bill that could help animals, the overall purpose of the bill could prevent the public from reporting any type of animal cruelty.  
  • The problem is real and the voice of the knowing public is crucial in ending abuse in Minnesota.

Did you know that all of Animal Humane Society’s investigations of inhumane breeding facilities came about as a complaint to law enforcement or Animal Humane Society from a member of the community who witnessed the neglect and/or cruelty?

Many of the complainants had documentation to provide probable cause for an investigation.

  • Minnesota is better than this. We are a community of people who care deeply about the welfare of animals and it is time for the laws of this state to start to reflect those values.