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Key points of the bill that will criminalize documentation of animal cruelty

What the bill prevents

  • S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369 will prohibit individuals from “producing a record which reproduces an image or sound occurring at the animal facility.”
  • This essentially bars an individual who comes across or is aware of potentially illegal activity that is harmful to animals from documenting (photo, sound, video) the problem in any way.

How it will prevent us from rescuing animals from abuse

  • It also has the potential to create further difficulties for Animal Humane Society humane agents to investigate cases of abuse and neglect. 
  • Many of the cases they investigate begin with reports from members of the public who can provide evidence of abuse or neglect.
  • Without those reports they won't have cause to further investigate complaints of animal cruelty. 

S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369 is moving animal welfare in Minnesota in the wrong direction. We need stronger animal welfare protections, not legislation that will further hide the abuse and neglect.

Contact your legislators to let them know we need stronger animal welfare protections, not legislation that will further hide abuse and neglect.

Additional information:

  • The first video below depicts the atrocities that will be further hidden if S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369 passes. With stronger animal welfare protections, we could have prevented the suffering those animals endured.
  • The second video provides a discussion with Janelle Dixon, President/CEO of Animal Humane Society on how the bill will affect the work of Animal Humane Society humane agents.