Help us oppose MNCAPA

Please join with Animal Humane Society and many other Minnesota animal welfare organizations in expressing opposition to the Minnesota Companion Animal Protection Act (MNCAPA).

The MNCAPA bill introduced in the Minnesota House (H.F. 391) is scheduled to be heard this Thursday (February 27) in the Agriculture Policy Committee. Action taken by the committee will be an important factor in whether the bill can move toward a vote on the floor of the Legislature.

You can help us take action by reading the information on this page, and then following the instructions about how to contact members of the House Agriculture Policy Committee.

A letter is being sent to the House bill’s sponsor and members of the committee, expressing our opposition. The letter also was signed by many other Minnesota welfare organizations that, like us, realize that MNCAPA is a bill that may sound good but could have dire consequences for animals.

The bill is constructed from a template provided by a national organization. It is a boilerplate bill that has had virtually no input from Minnesota’s animal welfare community, and without discussion, input and recommendations from key stakeholders, MNCAPA cannot truly reflect the needs of Minnesotans, their pets, and the animal welfare organizations that serve them.

As it stands, this bill would have many unintended consequences that would not be in the best interests of the animals or provide proper animal care:

  • Extended holding periods delaying an animal’s adoption into a new home.
  • Increased bottlenecks in the shelter system resulting in animal stress and illness.
  • Mandatory overcrowding of animals, including doubling up animals in cages.
  • Reduced animal care time to allow staff to meet reporting requirements.
  • Undermining of the credible, quality rescue organizations – allowing anyone, experienced or not, to say they are a rescue and take animals with little oversight.
  • Major changes in operational and reporting requirements without funding.

Read more about our position on MNCAPA.

We support ongoing improvements in the professional, compassionate and transparent operation and management of animal shelters and animal control agencies. Without thoughtful input from key stakeholders, this bill does not support such improvements.

Please express your opposition to the bill by contacting members of the House Agriculture Policy Committee and urging them to vote “no” in their committee hearing this Thursday.

Thank you very much for your support and advocacy.