Please contact your state senator and state representative to ask for their support of S.F. 462/H.F. 702, the Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill.

Look up contact information for your state legislators and call, write or email them and mention the following:

  • You are one of their constituents.
  • You are contacting them to ask for their support of the Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill:

    When calling your state senator note Senate File 462 authored by Senator Barb Goodwin.
    When calling your state representative note House File 702 authored by Representative John Lesch.
  • Mention that the bill will regulate the dog and cat breeding industry in Minnesota in an effort to prevent inhumane breeding practices and conditions before they start.
  • Let them know that current animal welfare statutes only allow for action after the abuse and neglect has occurred.
  • Note that you would also appreciate if they would sign onto the bill as a co-author.
  • Don't forget to thank them for taking the time to speak with you.

Other important information to know before you call
As in past years, multiple breeder bills have been introduced this session. To be clear when speaking with legislators make sure to mention the bill numbers (S.F. 462/H.F. 702) and author names (Sen. Goodwin/Rep. Lesch).

Please be aware that you will likely speak with your legislators' aides who will relay your message.

Let us know what you hear
If you’d like to go one step further with your support, please click here and let us know what you hear from your legislators. Having this information will help us continue our efforts to pass this very important legislation for Minnesota dogs and cats.

Additional talking points available at  .

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